20 Common marriage problems or marital issues and their easy solution.

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Are you struggling with some common marriage problems in your married life and do you want to solve them permanently?

But it should be noted that the solutions for all common marriage problems are different and not all solutions are rigid.

We know you must be sitting around right now and wondering why married life is so difficult. And you may also wonder whether your marriage will last or not.

Marriage is always challenging for every married couple. But their marriage problems are different from one another.

Common marriage problems after baby or marriage problems after 10 years or 20 years are more challenging to deal with and they can lead to irritation and feelings of disappointment.

The topmost work is to find out those common marriage problems that your married life hell.

What is the most common marriage problem?

Even the best and most successful marriages go through ups and downs, but working through them strengthens their bonding, everything depends on how they handle the marriage problems they face.

Working through marriage problems in a constructive way can be very difficult, especially because stressors can come from many different references.

Sometimes, to solve a marriage problem, you have to change some of your bad habits or do something new and most importantly forget the old days and everything that happened in the past.

But all these changes or steps have to be taken by both of you before you both get together and start your married life afresh.

The following 20 most common marriage problems can be resolved with the right strategy and openness to reflect.

20 common marriage problems or marital issues and solutions.

There are many common marriage problems and many of them can be avoided many marital issues can be fixed or resolved using many different effective methods.

Life is a struggle sometimes with yourself and sometimes with others. Take a look at the most common marriage problems or marital issues married couples face.

And you need to learn how to solve marriage problems before they cause irreparable harm to your marriage.

20 most common marriage problems faced by married couples and their. Solutions are listed here.

Common marriage problems and their solutions.
Common marriage problems and their solutions.

Communication Issues.

We all know that communication is the foundation of a healthy marriage. Nowadays the main cause of communication issues or problems is lack of communication.

There are two types of communication, verbal and non-verbal and both are playing a vital role to build a successful relationship and make your marriage a long-term marriage.

Some people don’t say anything in words but their facial expressions or body language speak lots of things and it creates misunderstandings in a relationship.

And the differences in the communication between the two bring your relationship down and sometimes end the marriage.

Simple Solution:

Gradually these bad communication patterns can become a habit. So it needs to work in the right direction.

The first way is you need to learn the healthy and effective way of communicating that enhances the quality of communication.

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Ignoring Boundaries.

Ignoring boundaries is absolutely wrong because everyone has their privacy and personal boundaries. So it’s natural to face some common marriage problems in your day-to-day life.

It’s okay if you don’t like certain things that your partner does and it’s also okay if you put your opinion about that activities. But it’s not okay to cross her or his boundaries.

This type of wrong activity makes your partner feel irritated and uncomfortable with your relationship and gradually your relationship goes down word.

And this may be the most common marriage problem for you both if you don’t check it at the right time.

Simple Solution:

You both openly and clearly talk about your boundaries and let your partner know about this.

After that, if your partner raises questions or shows problems about that particular then you need to understand their ideas.

Help your partner to build their own boundaries as well. You also respect their boundaries.

Lack of Intimacy.

We know that there are different types of intimacy in a relationship and all types play an important role in our relationship.

Of all the intimacy, physical intimacy is a little different and it is a necessary part of a healthy marriage.

But in some cases, it starts to fade away with time and becomes less exciting than before. Then it is the root cause of all top common marriage problems.

When the intimate encounters a lower level and type then your partner feels rejected or neglected. And mostly he or she thinks that you cheat on him or her.

Simple Solution:

The best solution to these common marriage problems is to try new things and exciting methods in bed.

Don’t wait for your partner to start first. Sometimes you need to begin and do wild in bed.

If your partner starts then you definitely cooperate with your spouse to increase the enjoyment level twice.

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Infidelity or extramarital affair is one of the most common marriage problems in a relationship.

Nowadays, we are found that twenty percent of men and ten percent of women are involved in infidelity. These people are engaged in either physical or emotional affairs.

And some other people included in infidelity are online relationships, short-term affairs, and one-night stands.

An extramarital affair or infidelity occurs in a marriage for several reasons and now it’s a very common marital issue.

Many couples are struggling to find the causes of marriage problems (infidelity) and their solutions.

Simple Solution:

How do deal with marriage problems remaining to infidelity?

Actually, the word cheating comes into marriage when a person is not satisfied with his/her partner and when he/she does not get what he/she expected from his/her marriage then he/she indulges in extramarital affairs either knowingly or unknowingly.

In a study, it was found that maintaining a strong and active emotional binding, well physical intimacy, and love and respect for each other are the three common keys to combating infidelity in your marriage.

Financial Issues.

You know that money is the root of all problems, happiness and in all total money is everything. It has the power to easily make a relationship and break a relationship.

Nowadays money can break a person or relationship faster than anything else. All married couples indeed have financial arguments at one point in their marriage.

Even if you open a joint account after marriage or you both run your own personal account, you will face financial problems.

But it is essential to discuss finance or finance-related matters with your spouse honestly and openly because it’s a common marriage problem now.

Simple Solution:

Discussing money matters is a very much sensitive topic so you both do discussion carefully.

Spend as much as you want but discuss it with your partner once. Put the money in the right direction where there is nothing to hide.

Common marriage problems after 20 years
Common marriage problems after 20 years


Marriage problems caused by selfish behavior are now a widespread common marriage problem.

The main goal of marriage is to meld your life with another person and prioritize your partner over yourself.

But some people cannot accept it easily and they never give their partner the first priority. They always think about themself first and then their partner which can cause problems.

There are limits to selfishness. When your partner in a relationship is more selfish than needy, the relationship changes dramatically and a rift occurs between the two.

Simple Solution:

The simple solution for selfishness is empathy because it helps to understand each other and make being considerate a habit.

The second thing is the lack of love and affection between you two. So the focus goals differ from each other.

The neediest thing is an open conversation in your relationship. Share everything with your partner.


Boredom is a severe long-term marriage problem and it exists at the bottom of all marital issues.

Some people get bored with their relationships over time. They may be tired due to some things or events happening in the relationship.

It is assumed that your resentment in such a situation will bring your relationship down and you continuously deal with some common marriage problems.

They don’t know that this will get them into bigger problems in the future due to boredom.

Simple Solution:

In order to keep the spark in the relationship, you have to change your daily routine and activities and do something new and exciting.

So your first and foremost task is to approach your partner and give him or her the perfect gift that he or she likes a lot.

The most important thing is to change the way you and your partner connected in a physical relationship and adopt some new habits and go out and spend time together.

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Different Ages.

Our ages are added as time progresses, and if we observe deeply we found so many changes in our bodies, behavior, and activities.

Normally there are three main stages of life live i.e. childhood, younghood, and old hood. So energy, excitement, and passion also change at different ages.

Some people forget all these things during their marriage but after a few years of marriage, it becomes a major common marriage problem for them.

The natural changes in personality may not remain more compatible as they transition to different ages.

A young wife yearns for a new child when her old husband is reluctant to bring a new member of his family because he may be nearing retirement.

Simple Solution:

You both need to understand each other’s thoughts and stay connected in every life stage and never go apart.

And most importantly enjoy every moment and stage of your life with your partner.

Try to do exercises, do morning walks, play games, watch TV, and do more things together which makes more strong your bonding.


Jealousy is the biggest disease for every person. But when it comes to a marriage relationship, it breaks the relationship and also the partner into small pieces.

But the bad thing is when you have to be with or around such a jealous partner, it is a big challenge for you.

It’s normal in a relationship when it extends to a level but being overly jealous is harmful to a relationship.

And overly it strains the relationship and gives you lots of stress and anxiety. Sometimes it may end the marriage.

These types of people are overbearing and they doubt the little things and ask so many questions.

And the important thing is that they are not satisfied with your answers which makes you keep probing yourself all time.

Simple Solution:

If you or your partner are showing signs of jealousy, the first thing you should do is find out why you are jealous and make yourself feel insecure, then address it positively.

If you think it’s hard to do then the next option is to take help from a psychologist who helps you or your partner to understand the reason and how to deal with it.

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No Similar Interest.

No similar interest means no love and respect in your marriage because a similar interest starts with the best of intentions.

When you both never understand each other’s passion, like, or dislike then there is no meaning to staying together.

This negligence creates distance in a marriage and it leads to a big loss of intimacy and interconnectedness that is important for a healthy relationship.

Nowadays these are the most common marriage problems for newly wedded couples so the rate of divorce is increasing day by day.

Simple Solution:

Try to involve yourself more than before and try to encourage your spouse to do better in the future.

Wait for the right time to share your passions, interest, favorite things, etc with your partner.

And mostly figure out where the two of you can align so you have visibility on each other’s internal lives.

20 common marriage problems and their solutions
20 common marriage problems and their solutions

Different Values and Beliefs.

It’s natural to see the differences and disagreements between couples within a marriage, and every married couple is trying to ignore that differences.

But all married people come and stop at the same place according to their habits, beliefs, and values.

Two may belong to the same religion or may belong to a different religion and the concern is that the values, and beliefs of the two are different.

And now it’s a most common marriage problem in cross-cultural marriage which leads to an emotional chasm and their children suffer the most.

Everyone has their own belief system, goals, and morals and there is more room for arguments and conflicts in the marriage which leads to common marriage problems.

Simple Solution:

The best way to deal with these different values and beliefs is through open and clear communication and compromises.

And if you feel that compromises aren’t possible then the best solution is to understand and agree to disagree on these matters and cooperate with your partner.

Traumatic Situations.

Traumatic situations are always the root causes of marriage problems and it’s more challenging when they go through traumatic incidents.

Lots of traumatic incidents that happen in their marriage are life-changing. Most couples are experienced in their life.

Most spouses don’t know how to handle the situation so these traumatic events are the worst marriage problems for them.

Sometimes, the stress and pressure are too heavy and the responsibility is very much hard to deal with, so the relationship flows downward until it comes to the end.

Now you confirm that these are the causes of common marriage problems in a relationship and separate you from your partner.

Simple Solutions:

In this situation, we suggest you take a break because it is necessary for you and your relationship.

And yes, we know there is no time for yourself, so you create time and refresh your mind, and process your feelings.

At first, it looks selfish but your marriage can benefit from your break. Talk to your best friends and may your discussion gives you any ideas to deal with it.

Pressure or Stress.

Staying unhappy in your marriage is not a big issue. Even successful married couples also go through this process at least once within their relationship.

There are many different situations, things, and events that can cause stress within relationships like family, job, finance, and illness.

All these above things trigger stress and tension. Losing a job or business down, children issues or other family members’ problems, etc are the reasons behind some common marriage problems.

Here the thing to worry about is how to handle the things that create more stress. One thing we want to mention is everything totally depends on you. So do what is good for you at any cost.

Simple Solution:

Your stress easily destroys your marriage so you must do something to handle it.

So the best and easy way to decrease your stress is to solve your problems by discussing them with your partner in an effective way with full of patience.

After trying this if you never feel better then you need to add yoga and meditation to your routine. It helps you to deal with your tension and stress.

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Always want to change each other.

It is a common thing in a marriage that it takes some time for both partners to understand and know each other well at first.

But the problem starts when your partner violates your boundaries to melt their beliefs and gradually you face some common marriage problems.

It can make you feel awkward if your partner doesn’t accept your existence and your beliefs and is always trying to change you to his/her wish.

If your partner is trying to do this repeatedly, it is not because of his or her mistake but because he or she is trying to change you.

And the result of this is that the two of you will be angry and conflicted which will create a gap in your relationship.

Simple Solution:

Love is not enough to live a happy and successful relationship with your partner you need to learn how to give respect to your wife and her feelings.

If it’s hard to accept some things or activities of your partner then talk to her or him once not in a repeated way but remember one thing you choose her or him as your life partner as he or she is.

We never suggest you tolerate all the things that you don’t like but focus on the positive things and avoid the negative factors of your spouse.

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Third-Party Interference.

Third-party interference always has a negative impact on your relationship. They may be your family members, relatives, or even friends.

Not everyone is your well-wisher, so the entry of a third party into your relationship is detrimental to both of you.

Seriously they feel happy when you face some common marriage problems in your relationship.

Someone else interrupting or commenting on your relationship means that there is a problem in your marriage and you need to accept it because it is a serious marriage problems signs.

The interference of a third party will weaken the bond between the two of you, leading to violence, fights, anger, and even cheating in your relationship.

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Simple Solution:

It’s not as easy as we think but it’s not impossible so you two spend time together. If you have no time, share whatever’s on your mind, whether it’s during a meal or when you’re sleeping at night.

The more you two talk openly, the more clarity and transparency will come, and the more comfortable you will feel sharing.

Gradually you two will solve your problem and the third person will not get a chance to come inside you.

Most common marriage problems and solutions
Most common marriage problems and solutions

Lack of Appreciation.

A lack of appreciation in a relationship creates many different types of common marriage problems.

Your inability to appreciate, compliment, or respect your spouse can be detrimental to your relationship.

Every single person wants to hear compliments from their near and dear person. In marriage, both husband and wife want the same things from their partner.

But when they never found all these things from their partner they feel neglected, ignored, and undervalued which causes marriage issues.

Simple Solution:

If you are the person who feels undervalued in your relationship, then you need to communicate these things to your partner openly about the end of common marriage problems in your relationship.

If your partner complains about this then you must appreciate them for all the things they do for you and try to do some exciting things for them in return and that is the best way to solve many common marriage problems.

Social Media.

Nowadays, the use of social media has increased so much that people of all ages, from small children to old people, are all involved in social media.

And the most surprising thing is that we spend one-third of our total time on social media and it creates different types of common marriage problems.

And we’re so busy on social media that we have no time to talk face to face with each other which does alienate one another.

But forget to love the people and things we have and that ultimately breaks up your marriage too soon because you can’t afford to prioritize your partner as much as you do.

Simple Solution:

If you feel that you never give as much time to your partner then fix a time for your partner and spend together time.

But when you both are spending time trying to avoid your phone, laptop, and TV. Ask your spouse what you want and know what your partner wants from you.

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Lack of Trust.

Lack of trust in a marriage creates some common marriage problems at the bottom of the relationship in the end there is no chance of restoring your relationship.

But some people don’t know how to build trust in a relationship so the idea of trust in a marriage is very conventional.

So the lack of trust in a marriage puts too much strain on a relationship and doubt started to seep into a relationship which is not a matter to ignore because it creates some common marriage problems.

Simple Solution:

Take the help of a therapist and you both meet together because the process is getting easier when you are together and discuss your problems.

Open conversation can help you both to understand the reasons for their mistrust and the ways that they can solve them.

Cheating or lying.

You don’t grow up with lies because lies are never hidden and come out one day or another and they may the top basis of some common marriage problems.

Nowadays lying or cheating is a common marriage problem. It leads to infidelity and selfishness.

By taking advantage of your partner’s deeply held beliefs, you make this white lie a lifelong companion and you save your face and your wrong work.

Most couples said to lie to their partner for saving in difficult situations but they forget that this is a high burden for their relationship.

When things get out the hand, it converts into a common marriage problem for the people who hide their lies and it wrecks their marriage.

Simple Solution:

The first thing is to understand and realize why you said lies to your partner and end the lying and dishonesty in your marriage.

Once you understand your faults and address them in your relationship and make a promise that you never do this in the future.

For avoiding day-to-day common marriage problems you try to be honest and loyal so that you never need to say lie to your partner.

Unrealistic Expectations.

We all know that marriage is a relationship that binds two individuals with a connection for the long term. But sometimes we fail to understand the back support of this forever marriage.

We watch movies or read stories or heard from others about successful and happy marriages and are inspired but never put the question of whether both have one goal in life or not.

After marriage, we feel that you and your partner have different future outlooks of your relationship, and it creates unrealistic expectations from each other which is the main source of some common marriage problems.

When these expectations are not fulfilled, you get angry, upset, unhappy, disappointed, and other negative things in your marriage that push your relationship down.

Simple Solution:

Forget the past because these are again creating common marriage problems and start your journey with a promise that you both live in reality and appreciate every little thing in your relationship.

And accept that your expectations are not real or valued. The expectations can set a standard and function your relationship smoothly.

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Root Causes of Common Marriage Issues.

If you asked yourself “why my marriage is hard?” then these are common marriage problems for this new generation and most couples asked this question to themself.

So it is essential to go to the root of all common marriage problems and the reason behind them.

If you clearly identify the root causes of such problems then you easily solve common marriage problems faced in your daily life.

1. Bad Communication.

2. Lack of privacy.

3. Dishonest.

4. Arguments.

5. Silent treatment.

6. Not interested.

7. Zero effort.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

Keeping the spark alive in a relationship is so much more difficult because we face so many types of common marriage problems in our life.

If you read this article (20 common marriage problems and their solutions) then you must learn some ideas from here.

And you must try to solve your common marriage problems by using the above methods but do that with full of effort and patience.

Leave your comments about this article ( common marriage problems and their solutions) in our comment section. Thank you for the visit.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What causes problems in a marriage?

Many different factors create problems in a marriage. But there are some specific reasons which create common marriage problems in every relationship.
Below 10 causes are the main causes of problems in a marriage.
1. Lack of intimacy.
2. Infidelity.
3. Unrealistic expectations.
4. No interest.
5. Technology.
6. Lying.
7. Money.
8. Lack of time.
9. Lack of commitments.
10. Tolerance issues.

What are the top 5 conflict problems for couples?

The top 5 conflict problems for couples are
1. Physical relationship.
2. Financial issues.
3. Use of mobile phones.
4. Cleaning issues.
5. Children.

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