15 Sure-shot signs of a healthy marriage.

Looking for the signs of a healthy marriage is not as easy as you think.


Don’t be confused.

Let me explain.

Many married couples in our society are not happy or satisfied in their married life but show society that they are a happy couple.

So it’s not so easy for you to know whether the married couples you see in front of you are actually living a healthy marriage or not.

The good news is that you can find out for yourself how happy you are in your married life. But how do you know if your marriage is a healthy one?

What are the signs of a healthy marriage?

Finding the true love of your life and marrying them is a simple and easy part of your life.

Actually having a successful and healthy marriage will require a little bit of work and 100 percent effort.

A long-lasting healthy marriage embodies a pattern of consistency. Both parties offer their valuable time, energy, and continual effort into growing together.

But how do you know if your marriage is a healthy marriage or not? This is a question that is actually worth looking into, particularly if you have been wondering along those lines.

So, you need to check on your relationship health from time to time to determine if it qualifies as a healthy marriage.

15 sure-shot signs of a healthy marriage.

Having a healthy marriage isn’t easy. It needs your full attention and effort and the most important thing is your time.

Some relationships or marriages are not working because there are a lot of reasons.

But the main reason why people get divorced is that they never put in the effort and time that every successful and healthy marriage needs.

Every marriage no matter how amazing goes through periods of doubt, resentment, grief, and frustration.

After all, if you see the following signs in your marriage then you are in a happy and healthy relationship.

The following 15 signs of a healthy marriage will give you a simple indication as to whether or not you enjoy a strong marriage.

15 signs of a healthy marriage.
15 signs of a healthy marriage.

Good communication.

Communications are two types i.e. verbal and nonverbal. Clear and open communication really is one of the most important things everyone needs to have in their marriage.

If you both feel comfortable speaking your thoughts and feelings to each other is a sign of a strong marriage.

And it involves sharing with your soulmate when you feel both positive and negative feelings like your achievements, pain, anger, problems, and also your past experiences.

If you both have created a relationship that’s safe and secure for you and your spouse to express yourselves, you have a good chance that you taste what a healthy marriage looks like.

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Great physical intimacy.

This one is a brainer. Physical intimacy is important, cathartic, pleasure and enjoyment, and more when a couple is enjoying a healthy marriage.

We are not saying that only physical intimacy is everything, or even that it is overvalued. But, undervaluing intimacy in a marriage is to unhappy marriage sign.

This act of intimacy is always a thermometer for the health of a marriage or relationship which shows whether your marriage is healthy or not.

All happy, healthy, and long-term married couples will have a solid amount of emotional and physical intimacy.

While the amount of intimacy may change over the years, there will always be a continual effort toward attaching to one another.

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You both trust each other.

Trust is one of the most important pillars of a happy and healthy marriage. The best sign that your marriage is healthy is that you and your spouse trust each other completely.

When you can trust your partner then you can live who you are i.e. freely, honestly, and authentically.

If you don’t have trust and confidence in your partner then it’s a sign you’re in an unhealthy marriage.

Couples who live a successful and healthy marriage are generally not afraid to be vulnerable with their spouses.

Without trust and vulnerability, there is no intimacy. So you need to learn first how to build trust in a relationship.

Fully support each other.

When both partners accept that they are made for each other then there is no doubt that they are helping each other.

The couple who are unhappy in their marriage always feels stuck, and unsupported, and mainly they are unable to take any positive steps towards their future or goals.

But healthy married couples will consistently support each other in their difficulties, problems, achievements, and goals.

As long as you both feel like you both always stand on each other’s side, you’ll always have strong bonding and live a healthy marriage.

what should a healthy marriage be like
what should a healthy marriage be like

Your partner is your priority.

Nowadays, we all are living a busy lifestyle. So making your partner a priority is not about declining every important thing or work in your life to fulfill their desires.

Instead, it’s about creating time for your partner because he or she is important to you.

Many people associate spontaneity as a way to create romantic feelings but they don’t know that if they spend scheduled time together they start to share more than before.

When you spend more time you share more and talk more and gradually you feel more intimate with your partner. You definitely feel closer.

And this closeness with your spouse is key to making your marriage a healthy marriage and these are the great signs of a healthy happy marriage.

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Both fight constructively.

Fightings are a common thing in every relationship. So let’s face it and enjoy it. The best part of a healthy marriage is both couples know how to argue in a healthy way.

And this is a pretty good sign that your marriage is going to long run. There may be times when you’ll have to sacrifice, compromise, or agree to disagree.

If you know how to express your emotions or feelings without pushing your spouse’s buttons or blaming him/her, you’re on the right way.

Constructive fighting means you both know that this argument is beneficial and no one feels down. So it makes your marriage a healthy marriage.

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Willingness to spend together time.

Great time for your partner is definitely a good job because our modern lifestyle takes us away from our family, particularly from our partners.

So if you both willingly want to spend some one-to-one time then it clearly indicates that both are made for each other and you both love each other from the bottom of your heart.

And the plus point is as much as you spend together time and interact with each other, it tightens your bonding and keeps your romance alive.

Sometimes breaking the routine and enjoying the moment add some spicy to your relationship. Going outside from home, shopping, having dinner, and long drive are the way to take you closer.

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You both laugh and have fun together.

Someone asked me ” what does a healthy marriage look like?” I smiled and answered him that marriage is not easy but it’s simple.

One of the simplest solutions or remedies for all troubles in a marriage is a good sense of humor and lots of laughter. Fun always defuses stress and anxiety.

When you and your partner can laugh at themselves, it may help whatever problem occurs to be a little less worried.

Where fun, happiness, and enjoyment are alive there are no worries, pain, unhappiness, and stress. It’s a great sign of a healthy marriage.

what is a normal healthy marriage
what is a normal healthy marriage

You enjoy your own time.

Every person has his or her own personality. In a healthy marriage, both persons are allowed the room to have their own friends and relatives, opinions, ideas, and likes and dislikes.

If you feel that you have the freedom to enjoy your own time then you confirm that your marriage is healthy.

You get freedom even after marriage, it doesn’t mean that you will do things that your partner doesn’t like or that will hurt your partner.

If you do this, you are knowingly or unknowingly pulling your marriage apart. And these are the signs your marriage will end in divorce.

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Respect each other’s feelings.

Respect is necessary for a healthy marriage but how will your partner know that you respect him or her and his/her feelings?

You earnestly want to listen to what your partner has to discuss on a topic or a problem, even when you know it will always be different than your statement.

And when your partner makes choices that aren’t the same as you would make, you still show respect and kindness, and respectfully discuss future choices.

This is a big sign that you both stayed together for a long time and spend the rest of your life in a happy and healthy marriage.

Give unconditional love to your partner.

Nowadays it’s common to say “I love you” to your partner. It’s easy for married couples to get into the habit of saying “I love you”.

But in a healthy marriage, it’s far more than just a habit because true love silently does from the heart.

When you love your partner unconditionally then you never need any words because your behavior, body language, and your efforts to make him or her happy are enough to let him or her know how much you love them.

Happy couples are always struck by the good prosperity of having one another, an understanding that at any time life could take one of them away.

There are no secrets.

No secret means you like to share everything with your partner. That’s good. It clearly indicates that you are in a healthy marriage.

If you never feel that your partner is a safe place to share and hide a lot of things from your spouse then the distance between the two is increased and it gradually converted into a toxic marriage.

But a person is willing to share everything with someone who understands their feelings and thoughts. And the second thing is a person hides something when he/she does wrong.

If you are never feeling hesitant to say something to your spouse and vice-versa then you both are on a right track and also want to take your marriage along.

what are the signs of a healthy marriage?
what are the signs of a healthy marriage?

You feel secure in your relationship.

In a healthy marriage, a successful couple’s goal is to reduce the burden rather than add to it and live a stress-free life.

Your marriage is not in a good position, if all your partner does is added to your sufferings and hardships or complicate an already tough situation for you.

But in a happy and healthy marriage, your partner makes you smile at problems and look at a challenging situation from the titled lens of a magnifying glass, to deactivate its depravity.

In a happy and healthy marriage, spouses come to a consensus about reaching an outcome to a problem and not worsening it. So you definitely feel safe and secure here.

You both take responsibility.

In all successful and healthy marriages, there’s a healthy balance of duties and responsibilities.

There’s no right or wrong way to break the responsibilities or the regulations. As long as you’re both doing your fair share of the chore, your marriage should be excellent.

Many people try different types of things to counteract their negative feelings, always leading to addictions and compulsions.

When you both take your responsibilities without any hesitation and have a good heart to help your partner to do their duties properly then no doubt, you live a happy and healthy marriage.

You both listen to understand.

Listening is an art and everyone is not an artist. You are so listening to your partner when you have a mood or not.

When your partner heard you and understands your feelings then you want to share your every moment with them.

So if you feel that your spouse understood your words then you are so lucky.

Because when a person listens to you and understands you and mostly finds out solutions or gives you suggestions or appropriates you for your achievement is a sign that you have a healthy marriage.

do i have a healthy marriage?
do i have a healthy marriage?

Bottom line from progrowinlife.

For a healthy marriage or relationship, you need to make a healthy marriage checklist and try to follow them.

If you check the above points in your marriage and still you miss something then try to add them to your marriage because every point makes your marriage stronger and healthier.

And for more, we suggest consulting a family and relationship counselor and taking their advice. They may help you to make your relationship last longer.

A healthy marriage is a dream for every married couple but not everyone lucky who lives a happy married life with a little effort.

But your willingness and effort make everything possible. So keep up and give your hundred percent to make your marriage successful.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions.)

What is a happy marriage like?

In a good marriage or healthy marriage, a couple is supported by their partner who respects, loves, listens, shares, and practices open and honest communication. And both couples have the willingness to compromise, and sacrifice and are open to constructive criticism.
In a good and healthy marriage, the couple feels happy and satisfied with their partner.

What are the signs of an unhealthy marriage?

The following signs warn you that your marriage is unhealthy marriage.
1. There was no intimacy
2. More arguments than discussion.
3. Or no more arguments.
4. You don’t like to spend together time.
5. You started to keep secrets.
6. You think of someone other than your partner.
7. Your partner is not the first person you call.
8. You both criticize each other.
9. You feel alone.
10. You never feel safe and secure.
11. You feel neglected.

What are the 3 most important things in a marriage?

Marriage is not just a word. It is a bonding between two different individuals.
Marriage mostly needs the top 3 important things i.e.
1. work and effort,
2. True commitment,
3. Love and respect.
Except for these three important things it needs time, trust, honesty, and willingness.

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