20 proven ways to have intimate with your partner.

You have intimate with your partner is the best thing in your relationship because intimacy is the top key to living a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

Relationship intimacy requires a strong physical and emotional connection and when you feel that your relationship lacks intimacy then it can be difficult to manage.

And if a level of connection is lacking in the relationship, then it can make you suffer from feelings of loneliness and frustration.

Intimacy allows people to connect with each other on many levels. That’s why it is the most important component of building a healthy, happy, and successful relationship.

We all know that there are many different types of intimacy in a relationship. And it is necessary to maintain all kinds of intimacy for strong bonding between the couple.

Naturally, when someone started intimate with their partner in a relationship they first focus on physical intimacy.

Feeling connected to your partner through romance can be the most amazing and satisfying experience that this weird.

But sometimes, you found yourself struggling to experience truly intimate romance. And it may be the result of stress and exhaustion or losing touch with your partner.

Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends, relatives, and your close ones to find your path back to the intimacy that can live at the heart of romance.

How to have intimate with your partner?

No matter how long you both live together or spend your married life together, it’s always important to build your intimacy levels.

Actually, you do not properly know what are the best ways to be intimate with your spouse. So you feel worried. But there is nothing to be worried about.

We are here for you always. And we look at some simple and practical ways to strengthen your levels of intimacy in your relationship.

For a happy, healthy, and successful relationship, you need to learn how to have intimate with your partner. There are four fundamental types of intimacy in a relationship.

How to build intimacy with partner?

1. Physically intimate with your partner.

2. Emotionally intimate with your partner.

3. Spiritually intimate with your partner.

4. Intellectually intimate with your partner.

Physically intimate with your partner.

How to increase physical intimacy in a relationship?

To have intimate physically with your partner sometimes need some extra effort. If you truly love your partner then it’s very exciting for you.

I mean it needs your unconditional love and affection, undivided attention, and a top level of excitement. So, you need to give extra effort to be intimate with your partner.

We make your work easy by providing you with a list of amazing ways. You just follow these points and look at the result.

Always hold your partner’s hand.

Holding your partner’s hand, hugging, and touching him or her can release oxytocin causing calming feelings and excitement.

In research, it was found that these physical touches like kissing, hugging, cuddling, and holding (we don’t mean only intimacy) also released oxytocin during physical orgasm.

And besides that, physical touches decrease stress hormones in your body and lower daily levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

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Change your pattern of beginning physical intimacy.

Maybe you are rejecting or withholding your partner to being crazier on you or you coming on too tough.

And you both remember one thing i.e Avoid blaming or criticizing each other and as much possible as stop the blame game. When you feel it’s crossed the limit you just mix things up to stop the power struggle.

If you both like and understand each other then it is simply to try new things and change your regular pattern. This one is the best way to have intimate with your partner in your relationship.

Concentrate on affectionate touch.

Concentrating on affectionate touch is something different from other ways of physical intimacy. So keep the willingness in your heart to offer your partner a back or shoulder rub.

You try to associate foreplay with your intercourse because affectionate touches are a powerful way to establish and restore affection and excitement even if you are not an emotional person.

Affectionate touches are always special means of hugging, kissing, cuddling, and snuggling and these things keep the spark alive in a relationship.

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You both make physical intimacy a priority.

You both make your mood for intimacy before your mobile phone or work dulls your excitement.

It is best for creating a romantic mood when you both take a candlelight dinner along with your favorite song and wine can set the stage for amazing romance.

Even if you are not an expressive person, increasing physical affection and physical touches can help you to maintain a deep and powerful bonding.

The interesting thing is that allowing your partner to impact you can reignite the spirit and excitement you once enjoyed.

Try to touch each other more.

Touching your partner is not a hard task. So when you both are together just hold the hand or offer to give a back or shoulder rub.

People add foreplay when they are engaged in intercourse, but affectionate touch is a strong and influential way to demonstrate and restore excitement and feelings even if you are not an emotional person.

When you think about how to have physical intimacy with your partner then just touch her or him and make them feel your feelings.

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Get into exploration mode together.

It’s very effective for you and your relationship if you already know about the kind of stimulation you need or require that you can share with your partner.

It can also be incredibly intimate to be able to come to this understanding together because this type of closeness helps you both to live a happy relationship.

Think of ways you can examine some new pleasure sovereignty. Trying out new twinges, or new positions can be a wonderful way to strengthen your existence by exciting your beginner’s mind.

The likelihoods of ways people can experience pleasure are too different and huge for anyone to have examined them all.

We encourage you to open up a discussion with your partner about imaginable new things they may want to explore.

Maintain a sense of wonder about physical intimacy.

Doing new things in bed always gives pleasure. Experiment with new strategies to bring fun and happiness to each other.

And one more thing is you just look at physical intimacy as an opportunity to get to understand your partner better over time because physical intimacy with your partner takes you both closer to each other.

A wandering heart always wants to do new and exciting to impress their partner and also get more intimate with their partner.

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Emotionally intimate with your partner.

How to build emotional intimacy with a man?

Any type of relationship is based on an emotional connection. If we discuss romantic relationships then emotional intimacy is the root of the relationship.

So the main thing to have intimate with your partner is getting closed or connecting emotionally and then physically. Both are strongly related to each other. So we never skip one of the two in a relationship.

Now the question is how to have emotionally intimate with your partner. There are so many ways to be intimate with your spouse emotionally.

Look at these points and as possible applied in your relationship. We hope you see the best result and the sweet and cute signs of intimacy in a relationship.

how to have intimate with your partner?
how to have intimate with your partner?

You both go outside from home.

Every single couple goes date for joy and happiness. So you two also go on a date outside of your house with your partner.

Spend some special and memorable moments with your partner in a different climate where the focus can be on each other.

When you two are at the house, there can be a lot of distractions from children, jobs, or duties and it is sure that you feel tired of all these things.

Without all of the external interference, you can concentrate on appreciating each other and enjoying having fun together.

So you definitely go outside to your home I mean going on dates with your partner and it will help to keep the focus on your connection as a couple.

Try to do something new and big together.

An everyday routine can assist you to feel safe and comfortable in your life. And the best thing is you know what to expect from your partner and what will happen next.

In a marriage relationship, this can provide a level of protection and security. However, trying something new and surprising can assist reignite the spark that can keep your relationship interesting.

Steeping out of your comfort zone in your relationship and beginning something new can be stimulating. It doesn’t really matter what it is that you do.

You both learn something new together and try an activity that is new to both of you, or you try something new in the bedroom you haven’t tried before.

When you perform something new and different together the emotion and warmth generated by the experience can create incitement and connection that can assist you to feel closer to each other.

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Create time for a deeply emotional discussion.

Put down electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, or laptops, even if it’s just during dinner or you both watch a show together.

Definitely, you make sure to do the same thing if your partner is talking to you about their whole day or sharing their new experiences.

Everyone is busy but looking for special moments to spend time together is the best way to have intimate with your partner.

Deep conversation means sharing everything means your past, present, and future with your partner. Old memories, today’s experiences, and future planning everything is included in your conversation.

Seek out time to spend with your partner.

Spending together time is a gift for a healthy relationship. Talking to or listening to your partner is making yourself emotionally available to your partner.

If you completely can’t regulate this when your spouse talking to you, calmly clarify why you can’t do this to your partner and then fix a time in the future to listen to what she or he has to say.

Having intimate in a relationship is not a one-night stand, it takes a long time so consistency matters. Regular talk and spending quality time assist you to build intimacy.

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Make an effort to break out of your daily routine.

Everyone is busy in their day-to-day life, so it’s easy to strike a comfort zone in which you move past each other just trying to rub items off our to-do lists.

This is in slight difference from the beginning of a relationship when everything you do looks new and exciting. So that you like to spend more time with them.

And when you move forward and beyond your excitement gets faded away. So it is extremely important that you make time for each other more sincerely and genuinely than just dinner or bedtime together.

If possible you both plan for a long drive, a dinner party, going shopping, or a weekend trip. Just give time to each other and connect with your partner on a deeper level.

Give your partner daily compliments.

Whether you’re newly married or celebrating your 60th marriage anniversary, it’s easy to take your partner’s positive attributes for granted and sometimes it’s difficult to address how much you appreciate them.

You must add it to your routine to give specific appreciation and compliments to your partner that can help you keep perspective as to why this person is special to you,

And it is the best way to make them know you see them and always think about them. As a better girlfriend, You never want your partner to feel unnoticed because you forgot to share your appreciation.

Be vulnerable to gaining their trust.

You need to be vulnerable with your partner to feel accepted and understood. Being vulnerable can be uneasy and uncomfortable, particularly at the initial stage.

You share everything openly and frankly like your feelings, your fears, your anxieties, your passion, your interests, and your fantasies with your partner.

And the top-secret thing is you give your hundred percent effort to have those uncomfortable conversations that you always try to avoid.

Without hesitation, let your partner know when you are feeling discomfort or hurt, or insecure in your relationship.

You have to be more intimate with your partner when you believe you can be a vulnerable with your partner.

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Support your partner every time.

How to repair emotional intimacy?

As a good husband or wife, you always try to be there for your partner when they need you most. If they want your help, let them know what you can do for them.

Let them know that you are always there for them, no matter what is the situation. And try to be a good listener and understand their feelings.

Use every basic communication technique to communicate with them a snake them feel that you care for them also repeat back what you hear them say so they feel listened to.

Put down your mobile phone, off the TV, limit other distractions, and give your partner your entire attention. And cheer your partner on and be responsible.

When your partner feels like you are there for them and they can trust you, it can maintain your couple’s connection properly.

Discussion of what’s important.

How to connect with your partner on a deeper level?

We have shared before what we believe to be the most valuable discussions for couples to have if they have the intention of making it work.

The greater the sincerity and seriousness of the conversation, the more intimate the discussion and you both know each other easily in a short period of time.

Begin a conversation where you and your partner communicate the things that matter to you most like your purposes for the future and the things you would like most from your partner.

The more you understand each other and know each other’s perspectives the more things can help you feel closer to your soulmate.

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Spiritually intimate with your partner.

What is an intimacy between a couple?

While this can be pretending about spiritual sentiments and beliefs, it can also mean something more serious, like sharing actual beliefs and moralities.

Your virtues and beliefs can align with faith or even health and fitness. However, it’s important to share these valuable aspects of your life with your partner.

This can also be an opportunity for you and your spouse to discuss what role you want practically to play in your lives if you have a family.

You have a life outside of your relationship.

Although your relationship needs to be your first priority if you want to improve your intimacy level, respecting your personal desires will make you a better partner for your soulmate.

When you withhold your individual needs and focus or count only on your partner’s wants and always try to satisfy them then you are putting your relationship up for failure.

If you give your efforts to satisfy yourself and worked to fulfilling every aspect of your life then you will have more to give to your partner as well as to your relationship.

How to intimate with God? Spend some time with your beliefs and worship God, pray for yourself and spend some time with God, and add these activities to your hobbies and activities that you feel passionate about.

In any difficult situation, we pray to God for help, so, when you have something in your life that fascinates and strengthens you outside of your relationship, you can share your emotion and beliefs with your partner which can help you to come closer.

Top 20 ways to have intimate with your partner.
Top 20 ways to have intimate with your partner.

Stay connected to god.

Staying connected to God in today’s lifestyle and busy schedules is quite impossible. But as a mature person, you will make it possible.

Most people like us believe in God and accept that God is the universe and they make everything possible for us. Miracles and magic are the way they give us blessings.

So, it’s not a matter to hide inside you, just share with your partner and convey what you exactly feel for god. Spiritually intimate with your partner takes time but one day they accept your beliefs and faith.

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Share your beliefs and values.

How to be more intimate with your partner?

Sharing your beliefs and values are a great impact on your relationship. It’s plus point when you both believe the same thing.

But how do you know that your partner’s beliefs and yours are the same? So, when you are both free from your busy schedule just discuss with them and ask what they think.

Talking with each other is always best for any type of intimacy. So, sharing your point of view and exchanging them make a good combination.

Intellectually intimate with your partner.

How to ask my partner for more intimacy?

Innovation and willingness to do new things are great for you, your partner, and your relationship. But the positive one is good, not negative.

But the relationship is based on both sides’ efforts and actions. So doing new things with your partner is always good.

Share new ideas.

Sharing means caring. You think of new ideas then you just sit together and discuss this. The funny thing is that you start one topic and it ends with another topic.

Send each other stories, articles, novels, or any interesting news to your partner so that you have something fun and new to talk about.

This also helps build on intellectual intimacy and it can give you a much-needed cognitive break from your busy schedule.

You also like to watch this video: 20 proven ways to have intimate with your partner.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

A healthy and happy couple relationship survives when both are strongly intimate with each other. And both decide that emotional and physical intimacy is a priority.

We wish that the above tips are helpful for you and that now you completely know how to have an intimate with your partner.

After following these tips if you feel that the above recommendations are not beneficial for you then you must be sure that other relational issues interfere with intimacy.

Here we recommend consulting with couples counselors because they are more experienced and they know how to help you and solve your problem.

Enhancing and strengthening your relationship intimacy is worth it as it can improve your relationship and your overall individual well-being as well.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What are the 4 types of intimacy?

1. Physical intimacy. – Physical intimacy is basically about relaxing into stress, joining in the flow of it, getting into the moment, and sharing, giving, and expressing what feels good. It’s all about excitement, engagement, passion, the giving and getting of happiness and intimacy.
2. Emotional intimacy. – Emotional intimacy means developing a sense of closeness relating to what you and your partner feel via compassion, kindness, appreciation, and communication.
3. Spiritual intimacy. – Spiritual intimacy means you share your spiritual beliefs and values with your partner.
4. Intellectual intimacy.
Intellectual intimacy means sharing your thoughts and new ideas with your partner.

What are intimate things to do with your partner?

There are many romantic ideas for you. You just follow these :
1. If possible cook together.
2. Take a romantic shower together.
3. Give an affectionate touch to each other.
4. Sweat together.
5. Undress each other in bed.
6. Never miss holding hands together.
7. Send romantic messages to your partner.
8. Spend quality time with your partner.

How to initiate sex with your partner?

The goal of initiating sex does not have to be sex but you make your partner want it too. So you try these things before sex.
1. Directly approach your partner.
2. You give lovely touches to him or her.
3. Take a shower for freshness.
4. Get necked.
5. Be demanding to your partner.

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