11 simple ways to tell your partner you need more intimacy without hurting them.

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How to tell your partner you need more intimacy is not easy for everyone. It’s a difficult task for some people because it is a sensible thing.

If you’ve been in a physically intimate relationship for longer than a month or a year, chances are you’ve experienced being in a romantic mood when your partner isn’t.

Physical intimacy is a life-affirming act, one of the most intimate things you can do with your partner and it’s an amazing feeling and experiences someone gains.

But telling your partner you need more intimacy? So much harder.

How to tell your partner you need more intimacy?

Telling your partner you need more intimacy is actually a very delicate and essential process that you and your partner can take part in nurturing and developing together.

If you are interested to know how to tell your partner you need more intimacy in your relationship then you come to the right place where you found a relationship and romance experts’ simple tips.

Physical intimacy frequency is a big issue in every single relationship for many reasons, so if you want a satisfied, enduring, consistent relationship with your partner then you and your partner should talk about it.

11 simple ways to tell your partner you need more intimacy.

Physical intimacy can be a complicated topic for some people, and the idea of talking your partner that you need more intimacy might make you feel awkward.

It can feel even more difficult when you talk about what your physical needs are, especially if you feel they aren’t being satisfied.

However, being open and clear about your romantic desires or needs with your partner is a sign of a happy and healthy relationship, and communication is a part of intimacy (may be physical or emotional intimacy).

And it’s a completely normal thing for couples in any relationship to find that you need to have this conversation with your partner.

Issues related to romance and intimacy are probably more common than you imagine. So you need to learn how to increase physical intimacy in a relationship?

If you want to tell your partner you need more intimacy then here are some things to consider so that you can feel more comfortable discussing this issue.

Look for the right time to discuss.

How to connect with your partner on a deeper level?You need to go deeper in your relationship. Look for the right time to go deeper and discuss frankly.

Sometimes you might feel that you discuss this topic as soon as possible and say that you are not satisfied with their performance because you need more intimacy.

But this is totally wrong and it affects your relationship. So, you should think about when the right time is and where the right place might be to discuss this topic.

Just wait and pick a good time when you know there will be a few distractions, and as possible as you avoid the time when you both go to bed means at night when you go to sleep.

If you think that is the right time then you are absolutely wrong because it’s not a good time to discuss these problems before you’re about to have a romance or after you’ve just had a romance.

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Talk about it.

How to tell your partner you need more affection?Simple, just tell them, they are your partner or soulmate. So, open up and express what you want from them and your relationship.

First of all, you just stop worrying about hurting your partner’s feelings when telling them that you need more intimacy.

You thought talking about it is a great thing because it is important for both of you. Physical intimacy is an important part of a healthy and successful relationship.

But while you discuss this topic you will be more polite and gentle with your partner because it is a more sensitive topic.

Nowadays, different and incompatible physical desire is a common problem for many couples, especially in long-term relationships where desires and needs can change over time.

So, never be afraid or ashamed to tell your partner you need more intimacy. We all know that relationships are full of compromises, and sacrifices, and your romantic life is no different.

Failing to communicate it will only cultivate resentment, which happens to be one of the biggest relationship killers out there.

Who knows, your partner might be completely stressed by a work situation or dealing with another issue that you didn’t even know about.

how to tell your partner you need more intimacy?
how to tell your partner you need more intimacy?

Start positively.

Instead of jumping straight into what you want from your partner or feel is wrong, try to tell them what it is you like about your physical relaxation, and raise a question to them about what they like about it.

This one is extra important. You don’t need to put your partner in a defensive way. To this end, you just discuss what you like about your physical relationship and also add that you need more intimacy.

Besides, conjuring up some sensual memories might be just what the $exologist and neuroscientist professional refer to help get your partner in the romantic mood.

Talking positively is essential for you two and try to know what exactly happened with your partner and why they are not interested in you.

Speak for yourself.

“I” statements as another anti-defensive method and all-around good relationship practice to get into so that your partner doesn’t feel like you blame them.

Exactly what you want to tell your partner and what you want from them, just speak out but in a smooth way. Because you discuss this with your partner and it’s a most important topic for you both.

Without feeling shy and awkward you express your feelings and want to your partner. Because your partner is not a mind reader who understands you without your saying. So, without hesitation tell them that you need more intimacy in your relationship.

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Be clear about what you want.

How to tell your partner you need more love? It’s very important to be clear about what you want because clarity is important when you’re trying to talk out relationship disparities.

You must be as specific as possible about exactly how much you need more intimacy and what kind of intimacy you want to be having.

Physical intimacy is such a considerable part of our lives, and it’s essential to feel fulfilled. So it’s necessary to say that you need more intimacy.

If it isn’t subject you usually discuss with your partner, doing so will hopefully open up the conversation so that your partner will feel safe and comfortable telling you about any doubts they have too.

Ask your partner what they want.

How to ask your partner for more intimacy? Spotting that alignment can come from discovering what would strengthen and improve your partner’s experience.

If you feel that your partner never looks in a romantic mood, ask them what exactly makes them feel romantic, and also ask them what times they prefer to have physically intimate with you, or which ways they would like you to introduce them.

Try to really listen to what your partner is telling you when they answer or react to what you’ve told them. If you feel a positive response then tell them you need more intimacy.

It can be easy to get carried away in your head, particularly if you feel that this is a hard, uneasy, or embarrassing conversation for you.

This is a two-way street, and they may have some problems that they would like to bring up with you, so it’s important to be clear and to pay attention to your partner.

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Avoid The Blame Game.

You must focus on that the discussion of intimacy is not apt to go anywhere.

If you try to blame your partner for these particular issues then this is a negative sign of intimacy in a relationship.

Understand that you’re in a relationship and both are together, and only you two can find a solution for your problem. So, just open up and said that you need more intimacy.

If there is any difficult discussion, you use “I” statements instead of “you” to avoid making your partner feel like h or she is being blamed.

Talk to each other softly and try to understand each other’s points of view. Because if you blame your partner the conversation is converted into conflict.

11 simple ways to tell your partner you need more intimacy.
11 simple ways to tell your partner you need more intimacy.

Focus on this topic.

How to build intimacy in a relationship is not an easy thing. You don’t need to bring up this conversation solely when there is a difference or difficulty in your romantic life.

Your conversation about this topic is always with your partner because everyone’s needs and personal boundaries will vary over time.

When discussing your romantic life with your partner, like with any element of a relationship, it’s essential to keep the conversation limited to only you and your partner.

Don’t compare your romantic spirits or physical intimacy with others. Most people just think and guess others must be having more romance than them without any ground for this point.

Nobody should advise you how or what to do with your life including the frequency of physical intimacy.

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Don’t complain about Physical Intimacy.

If you are struggling with something like different romantic drives, try to keep in mind that many different factors can impact a person’s desire for romance.

Fluctuating stress levels, therapies, menstrual cycle, relationship duration, relationship satisfaction, communication, sleep patterns, workout, fitness, mood, and hormone levels can affect a person’s physical desire.

Because everyone is unique and different, lower or higher romance drives don’t reflect or specify that there is something wrong with a person’s fitness or with a relationship.

At any stage of the relationship, if you feel like you and your partner are not on the same page, the best way to get in sync is to speak it out.

It’s important to keep an open mind during this discussion, your partner may need more intimacy, as well, and they didn’t know that this was also in your mind.

By discussing the past, present, and future of your physical relationship, you can work together to appreciate what works for both of you.

Find a mutual solution.

Sometimes, you and your partner should begin with a mood or feelings of empathy and cooperation.

If you tell your partner how much you love the feeling of closeness and intimacy with them and how you could work together to make sure you both are getting your desires and needs fulfilled.

But when you discuss these things you must tell that you need more intimacy from them.

In a relationship, you both are connected to each other so, at the end of the day, it’s not like one of you gets to win. You either both win or you both lose.

Whether you come to a solution right away or you achieve a balance over time, speaking about a physical relationship with your partner is a crucial step toward finding a balance you can both be happy with.

Hopefully, these discussions encircling your romantic life are efficient and validate and find a mutual solution.

What’s essential in a relationship is that your and your partners’ wantings and needs are listened to, appreciated, and validated.

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Establishing boundaries.

If you have a very clear and realistic idea of what makes you embarrassed, and unsatisfied communicate that to your partner and tell them you need more intimacy.

They may help you or do something that they don’t understand is crossing a boundary for you, so clarifying to them simply what those boundaries are means they can know and respect that.

If they always cross the boundary even after you have to them not to do so, then this is a problem of permission or approval.

And yes, being in a relationship with someone does not mean you have allowed romance with your partner when they want. Both sides’ consent is necessary.

No one should be made to feel bad or sinful for not wanting to have physical intimacy with their partner either or feel like they have to do something they really don’t want to do just to excite or satisfy their partner.

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11 simple ways to tell your partner you need more intimacy.

Why it’s necessary to tell your partner you need more intimacy?

In a study, it was found that couples who have strong communication about the topic of physical intimacy are more satisfied with their partner.

If you are experiencing problems with your physical intimacy, converse honestly and frankly about them with your partner.

And it might help to improve your physical intimacy in your relationship. An open and clear conversation can lead to greater feelings of intimacy.

In fact, speaking honestly with your partner might improve your overall satisfaction with your relationship.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

So use these tips described in this article (11 simple ways to tell your partner you need more intimacy) to tell your partner that you need more intimacy and love and also discuss how to fulfill a satisfying romantic life that works for both. I wish you will.

“Good lovers are made, not born” as the saying goes, if you honestly want your physical relationships to be all that they can be, take the time to talk about it.

Connecting with each other through regular communication is an important component of any happy and healthy relationship and that includes talking about physical intimacy.

We hope this article (How to tell your partner you need more intimacy) is helpful to you in conferencing your feelings.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can a relationship survive a lack of intimacy?

Yes, a relationship can survive without intimacy, but both partners are always struggling as time goes on.
Neither both partners are happy nor feel secure in their relationship.
Without happiness and satisfaction, the meaning of staying in a relationship is zero because there is no basis to stay connected with each other.

What are the signs of intimacy in a relationship?

Top 10 signs of true intimacy in a relationship.
1. You can be vulnerable around your partner.
2. Raw honestly doesn’t surprise you.
3. You apprecire both emotional and physical intimacy.
4. You both respect each other’s boundraies.
5. You don’t feel judged.
6. You can trust them if things go wrong.
7. You understand your partner’s unspoken language.
8. You make each other a priority.
9. Your partner is always the first person you want to talk to.
10. When you are both together you put your phones down.

How to build emotional intimacy with a man?

10 easy ways to build emotional intimacy with a man.
1. Keep yourself sexy.
2. Give importance to physical touches.
3. Remain a mystery.
4. You just take an interest in his life.
5. Also take an interest in his hobbies.
6. Have an affirming personality.
7. Always show respect to him.
8. Try to surprise him.
9. Try to wish him first on his special days.
10. Stay connected both offline and online.

What to do when your partner doesn’t want to be intimate?

Top 9 essential things to do when your partner doesn’t want to be intimate.
1. Try to talk to them.
2. Discuss what’s going on in their life.
3. Respect their boundaries.
4. Try to come up with some alternatives.
5. Make time to be intimate in other ways.
6. Let them feel you’re there for them.
7. Give them some time.
8. Try to help them.
9. Seek professional hep.

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