20 simple ways to fix a troubled marriage.

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Are you struggling in your marriage? and do you want to fix a troubled marriage?

Don’t worry, every problem has a solution. You may have heard a rumour or a proverb “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

So, fixing a troubled marriage is not a big challenge, it is all about your willingness and effort to save a marriage.

Every relationship faces problems, obstacles and storms. Some people go through it very easily, and others lose their heads in the face of adversity.

And these loser persons succeed in doing things as simple as divorce. So, as brave people, we have to face it and enjoy the taste of successful married life like others.

But one question that comes to your mind is, “How can they be so happy with their marriage and why not me?”

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a good life partner who gives them a better experience in their married life.

The rest of the people are not so lucky but they are financially stable enough to consult skilled counsellors and take their help.

We feel hopeless when we are in a long-time bad marriage. But what are the reasons that cause a troubled marriage or broken marriage?

What are the reasons for your troubled marriage?

Nowadays the rate of divorce is increasing and there are many reasons why people decide to go away from their marriage or end their marriage.

But everyone needs to know what caused the problems before deciding to go away will help the married couple to learn how to fix a broken marriage.

These 7 things are the top reasons why marriages fall apart.

Lack of communication.

Less communication or poor communication can be highly damaging to a relationship. When couples stop sharing things and expressing themselves, they weaken their chord of connection. This is the sign of a failing marriage.

Extramarital affairs or infidelity.

Cheating in your relationship can be an ultimate deal-breaker. If one of the spouses in a relationship indulges in infidelity then it highly affects your marriage.

Healing a broken marriage due to extramarital affairs is very hard because it’s all about trust issues.

Lack of love and respect.

It’s a natural thing that without love and respect the relationship or marriage is baseless. If your love and respect will fade away with the pressure of tension, anxiety and stress then you feel loneliness in your relationship.

The sweetness, pleasure, and excitement left in the marriage can cause a marriage to fall apart.

Problems (family or financial).

After marriage problems are increased, particularly family problems. But the most important thing is problems can either break a marriage or make a marriage stronger.

In difficult times, how do couples support each other and determine how good or bad their relationship will be. When partners don’t support each other, it indicates that they are in a failing marriage.

Different priorities.

After marriage when you both live together with your partner, you realize that your priorities are different.

When these mismatches are pointed out that creates problems in your relationship and you live an unhappy married life.


This is the top sign of divorce or troubled marriage. If you are careless and don’t put in the effort, or you are constantly selfish then you are neglecting your partner and your relationship.

If you neglect a marriage, it will eventually end your relationship.

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Many people are selfish to some extent. But when it comes to the price of a healthy marriage. Then it’s a problem. You can’t always put your needs first.

20 simple ways to fix a troubled marriage
20 simple ways to fix a troubled marriage

How to fix a troubled marriage?

If your day-to-day activities or habits are not enough to fix a troubled marriage or revitalize your relationship, it’s okay.

Sometimes, we need to look at the texture of our bonding and make some basic and necessary adjustments.

But the most important thing you always keep in your mind is ” your partner is your priority, so place him/her number one.”

Here are 20 simple ways for you to fix a troubled marriage. You need to take a step back, analyze and assume what is truly wrong in your marriage.

20 simple ways to fix a troubled marriage.

Many happy and healthy marriages slip into crisis because they don’t know how much work and effort it takes to keep the relationship strong and healthy.

A healthy and successful relationship requires commitment, hard-working and imagination. When you stop investing in the family where you live, it will very easily fall into the wreckage.

There are many good ways if you want to fix your troubled marriage. We suggest these 20 methods or ways to help solve your marriage problems.

Identify the reason why you fall in love with your partner.

Actually, It’s heartbreaking when you recall your memories and incidents about how madly you love your partner and how damaged your marriage or relationship has gotten.

If you are thinking about how to fix a struggling marriage, get back to the basics and put yourself into the perspective of when you were first together and in love with your spouse.

And also think about what made you fall in love with one another and maybe even write it down on a note or on the phone and send it to your partner.

Consider what you loved about this person and what made you want to be them. It may help you to heal the troubled marriage.

Show appreciation and encouragement to your partner.

Everyone wants to be appreciated by their partner. Your support and encouragement may help you to fix your troubled marriage.

If these things are absent in your relationship for a few days ago for disturbance, disputes, conflicts or separation then you need to start again in your relationship.

First, you start from your side then you expect from your spouse. Try to understand her or him and also try to know what he or she wants from you and your relationship.

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Respect each other.

We all know that respect is important in a relationship. So learn to respect your partner. And yes, it definitely helps you to fix your troubled marriage.

No matter how disappointed you are in your relationship, don’t put down your spouse. So make sure that you respect your spouse.

Don’t tell your partner that he or she is worthless or incapable because you can no longer take back those statements.

Once you start to respect your partner it can’t change with time and situation. So, it helps you to fix your troubled marriage.

Find new ways to connect with your partner.

Now you two are suffering in your unhappy marriage. And both feel that there is nothing worth in your relationship.

But without trying, if you accept failure is wrong. So think of what it would take to connect once again.

Plan for what you both like, every night you both talk few hours, go out on dates and make your partner a priority.

Every day send him or her romantic messages, gift him or her, cook favourite dishes and there are more new ways to please your partner.

Repairing a relationship is hard but those who try never give up. So fixing a troubled marriage is not impossible to work. So keep trying.

find new ways to connect with your partner
find new ways to connect with your partner

Give value to every little moment.

In today’s busy lifestyle, we have very little time to spend with our partners and other family members.

If we ignore those little moments or get caught up in the mistakes of both of them, then married life will be miserable. You both live an unhappy married life.

So try to capture and value every little moment. If possible, exchange feelings and ideas with your partner. The value or necessity of intercourse in marriage is as important as the intensity of the emotional connection.

Life is beautiful, just take a few moments so you can remember your old days and try to move forward with that sweet memory. Love and support your partner as that old person.

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Don’t say lie to your partner.

You just demonstrate your trustworthiness. Hold up your decent share of the workload and do your part, be consistent and always try to keep commitments.

Don’t say lie to your partner. Be sensitive, and before saying anything to your partner think twice because you can’t take it back, and don’t discount your partner’s feelings.

Anyone who makes a mistake is lying. And one of your lies will force you to tell a hundred lies so tell the truth no matter how hard the truth is.

This will change your lifestyle and help you to fix your troubled marriage. But you need to learn how to fix your marriage when trust is broken.

You should be honest with your spouse.

Some people put their heads in the sand and ignore the problems. And they think that this is the best and easy way to ignore anything.

But they don’t know that their marriage won’t get any better if they do this. Just sit down and be honest with yourself and your partner about the state of the marriage.

Then, share your feelings with your spouse and have a deep, heart-to-heart talk. This can help you to fix your troubled marriage.

Physically intimate with your partner.

We don’t say that physical intimacy is the only way to be intimate. But this is not a matter to avoid physicalal intimacy and emotional intimacy are related to each other.

We suggest that you learn how to fix a failing marriage with the power of physical intimacy. Because holding hands, hugging your partner or caring for your spouse is effective for your relationship.

This is not hard to do, it is just a simple act of touch and sweetness that can help you two to strengthen your bonding by releasing love hormones.

So, physical intimacy is the best way to fix your troubled marriage (both emotionally and physically) in your marriage.

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Learn to listen to your spouse.

Giving undivided attention to your partner when they talk to you is the best talent of a married person. Listening is always powerful so learn to listen to everyone.

So start conversations again and communicate with each other softly and sweetly and the important thing is you listen carefully to your partner’s words and then answer them.

If you wondering how to get out of a troubled marriage then this one is the best way because the listing partner’s point of view gives you the chance to solve any problem.

Always take responsibility for your action.

As a good husband or wife, you are always ready to take responsibility for your actions. And it helps you to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

What you worked out to contribute to your marital issues, own up to them. If any mistakes are done by you then admit that.

Keep your ego aside, you tell your partner how much you feel guilty. And then promise to change your behaviour immediately.

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Try to avoid technology.

Mobile phones are widely used in today’s society. People of all ages are using it. But it has more of a negative impact than it has. Believe it or not, this is a real fact.

Technology works like a big crime in the destruction of relationships. It may be a mobile phone, laptop, TV, desktop, social media, or video games.

Spending too much time with this technology gradually ditches us from our partners and relationships. Make sure you put your phone and laptop down and as much as possible talk to your spouse regularly.

These changes and efforts to save a marriage definitely work to fix your troubled marriage. If you do not follow then you live an unhappy marriage.

try to avoid technology for fixing troubled marriage
try to avoid technology for fixing a troubled marriage

Share your feelings, thoughts and dreams.

The first thing is to stay realistic and realize that other people have faults and mistakes just like you do and be willing to work on your relationship.

Sharing means caring. When you are closely attached to a person or you feel that your partner is the safe place to share everything then you are sure that your relationship is a healthy one.

But without hesitation, if you share your feelings, thoughts and dreams with your partner, then it’s a good sign that you work on fixing your troubled marriage.

Consider your partner’s point of view of your future together and work to improve and support each other dreams and create shared meaning in your relationship.

You don’t criticize, blame or attack your partner.

Regularly criticizing, blaming or attacking your partner is affecting your relationship dangerously. This is a bad habit and it not only disturbs your married life but also affects your other relationship.

When you constructively criticize your partner then it supports and encourages him or her differently and makes safe your relationship.

If you feel upset, bored or anxious then you complain instead of criticizing, or attacking. So that you put one step toward fixing your troubled marriage.

Set some fixed rules and regulations.

If you decide to fix your troubled marriage instead of breaking the relationship then you fix some rules and regulations.

It is essential to learn how to save a broken marriage by setting some fixed rules and regulations. Once you committed to changing this unfavourable condition then you stick to some point.

I mean, once you decide never to repeat these mistakes then you don’t do it in future. Here you stick to your words or commitments.

But one thing to keep your mind is that the rules you fixed in your relationship apply to you and your partner, not only to you or your partner but also to you both obeying the fixed boundaries.

Give unconditional love and affection.

If you share love and affection with others it will increase and double. And the most important thing is it helps you keep the two in a thread.

If you have both struggled in your marriage for a long time then it is sure that the love and affection between you two faded away. We need to rekindle that love and affection.

For fixing a troubled marriage and for living a happy and healthy relationship, we need to give unconditional love and affection to our partner.

Supporting him or her and as possible trying to understand the difference between the two and recover your relationship.

Do things together and spend quality time with your partner.

It’s an unfortunate fact that you can’t fix a troubled marriage until you don’t spend together time with your partner.

The secret key to a successful relationship is how long have you two been together. It looks apparent, but you need to rediscover each other.

Try to spend quality time doing things together and talking to each other openly. And when you’re talking to your partner, you’ll want to know what he or she expects from you.

Then you will find an easy and simple way to fix your troubled marriage. The closer you get to your partner, the closer the relationship between the two will be.

do things together and spend quality time with your partner
do things together and spend quality time with your partner

Keep patience and wait for the right time.

Everyone says “keep patience” but few of them follow this statement. But it is also true that those who have persevered and are waiting for the right time have succeeded.

So, learn to keep patience. You must feel that most of the time your patience saves you from many dangers and problems and easily solves many issues in your relationship.

It is not easy to be patient but we have to do it because our problem is we have to fix our troubled marriage. We do our best without any expectations are gives you back a lot more than our expectations.

Allow yourself to influence by your spouse.

The most positive thing in a relationship is to allow yourself to influence by your partner. In a positive way not negative. You affected means you are ready to accept your partner.

Everyone has some good qualities, so if you like any of your partner’s qualities, accepting his or her qualities and influencing yourself is a sign of a mature person.

That way, the differences between the two of you will be less and more of the same and both can be easily understood each other.

For fixing your troubled marriage you listen to your partner and take his or her opinions, thoughts, feelings and needs into consideration.

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Accept your partner for what he/she was.

Nowadays, there are a lot of divorces and the reason is that we can’t accept our partner. We are trying to change him or her and we want to make him our own.

But it is quite impossible because one person cannot be completely changed. This is unrealistic. You need to accept her or him.

We understand that your partner has a lot of bad manners and bad habits and you want to change those things, not a person.

But even if we try a hundred times, we will not be able to change a person until he or she does not want to. So, it’s better to accept your partner for what he or she was. Your acceptance helps you to fix your troubled marriage.

20 simple ways to fix a broken marriage
20 simple ways to fix a broken marriage

Seek professional help.

Even if you think that even after a hundred attempts, you have not had any success. And if all your efforts fail, you need to get help from a skilled therapist.

If you wondering about ways to fix a troubled marriage or if it’s a marriage worth saving in the first place then consult with professionals and take help from them.

It is time to evaluate the state of your marriage and make it a priority to fix your troubled relationship. Believe us, it is cheaper than divorce. So contact a counsellor.

But you look at the best therapist who specialises in couples counselling to walk you through this process.

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Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

Fixing a troubled marriage is not easy, but it can be done. The simple way to have a healthy and happy relationship is to not let it break down in the first place.

However, since fixing a troubled marriage is not an option, all the 20 ways described in this article will definitely put you both on the way to resurrecting what was lost.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to repair a marriage?

According to a relationship and marriage expert, they said that everything depends on both the parties and their efforts to improve their relationship.
In some cases, it takes six months and in some others, it takes 6 years.

How to fix a broken marriage without counselling?

There are many ways to fix a broken marriage without counselling. But here we suggest some easy ways:
1. Write each other a letter.
2. Take a break from your daily routine together.
3. Just imagine your life without your partner.
4. Make your relationship a priority.
5. Pick your battles.
6. Find a mutual friend to mediate.

What are the warning signs of a troubled marriage?

The warning signs of a troubled marriage are 1. You are always criticizing each other.
2. You don’t have sex anymore.
3. You don’t argue with your partner.
4. Or you both argue more.
5. You start keeping secrets.
6. You are thinking about an affair.
7. You don’t enjoy together times.

How do you know when to give up on your marriage?

You give up on your marriage when you feel these 5 things:
1. When you are spending time together you feel awkward and forced.
2. When you were abused by your partner.
3. You are looking for a different partner.
4. You are not equally committed to moving forward.
5. And finally, you read more than 10 articles on when it’s time to give up.

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