Why people suffering in unhappy marriage?

What is an unhappy marriage?

When you are not satisfied with your married life, you lead a miserable married life that is an unhappy marriage. But why are you dissatisfied with your married life? There are many reasons for this, and everyone’s dissatisfaction is different. But some top and common causes make most people sad in their married life and these top reasons are below.

  • Lack of intimacy.
  • Infidelity or cheating on.
  • Your marriage needs effort.
  • Lack of communication in your marriage.
  • Lack of commitment.
  • Physically and emotionally abuse.
  • Financial problem.
  • Lack of love and respect.
  • You or your spouses’ bad habits.
  • Unrealistic expectation.
  • Comparing with others.
  • Never ready to forgive and forget.
  • Never willing for adjusting.

If any of these factors weigh heavily on your marital life, you will suffer from an unhappy marriage. And if you never do work on this problem then it will last until the end of your marriage

And Living in a wildly unhappy marriage can have long-term impacts on your mental and physical health. People in unhappy marriages usually have low self-esteem, suffering from difficulty and depression, and have an increased rate of illness than those who don’t.

In your marriage, you will experience the scattered tough patch over the years but when do these rough patches turn into an entire marriage life then you suffer in your unhappy marriage.

What makes a person suffer from unhappy marriage?

When you get married is not a warranty that you will be always happy in your marital relationship. At some points, things turn upside down and you touch down being frustrated and admit guilt why they made an effort to the knot in the first place.

When you get married, you vowed to your spouse in the presence of family and relatives that you will always be there for your partner through ups and downs. However, as the days are gone, you feel that your spouse is not who you imagined she/he is and you suffer heartbreaking marriage problems. And all these things are happening in most cases.

If you are among the people who have touched a dead end and nearly letting a turn, you have reached the perfect place where we offer you tips and tricks to keep your relationship healthy and be happy and healthy also.

Before we even jump into those tips you could be looking to release from your suffering unhappy world but it’s difficult to figure out the dilemma and you also have no knowledge to fix that issue.

However, the most common problems which make a person unhappy in marriage are below. But the details are described in this article what makes your marriage unhappy? and there are you find what are the reasons for an unhappy marriage?

what are the reasons for an unhappy marriage?

  • Physical and Emotional insult.
  • Bad communication or less contact.
  • Money.
  • Adultery/infidelity.
  • Negative feelings (Jealousy).
  • Conflict on little things.
  • Physical Intimacy.
  • Lack of obligation and dedication by either or both spouses.

Exactly these are the little things in your relationship when you both are love and support each other but it’s pushing you to suffer the pain and discomfort in the same relationship when you are not ready to accept your partner when you are not ready to fully accept your partner’s family or vice-versa.

But the top thing which creates all the disputes between the two is pointed below. And these points are necessary for every relationship and when you miss anyone of these you miss the happiness and slowly slipped into the world where you only suffer and experience the grief in your marriage relationship. These seven points make your marriage and break your marriage. It depends on you how you imply it?

  • lack of love
  • affection
  • respect
  • understanding
  • appreciation
  • responsibility
  • Commitment

Why does a person suffering in an unhappy marriage?

In a research, it was found that 90 per cent of people marry by age 50 in America and it’s only to divorce later to the tune of up to 50 per cent. People easily get into passionate and serious relationships in which they can’t be feel fulfilled, living in a relationship where they suffered an unhappy married life. They justify why they suffer when they don’t understand the actual reasons. After all, they still have that marriage and somehow they are bound to live. And you found the exact reason why do unhappy married couples stay together?

According to a study, certain common reasons people are suffering in an unhappy marriage, even when it’s painful. These reasons are shortlisted below.

  • For reasons outside of the marriage itself.
  • For traditional and religious reasons.
  • Having a strong agreement with each other.
  • The “sunk cost” misconception.

These are the top and common reasons for which a person never leave his/her partner and also his/her relationship. We want to like to describe all these points that make you understand easily the depth of the pain and the reason why she or he chooses to suffer.

For reasons outside of the marriage itself they live unhappy marriage.

One of the major reasons disappointed couples tell that they don’t divorce is that outside factors are halting them, like not having money for surviving separately or because they have children. Breaking off the marriage would dominate a lot of suffering because of these factors.

So the couple decides to stay and suffer in an unhappy relationship even if it’s terrible. But, a lot of times they are just dealing with pain now for suffering in future. They almost make the pain last much lengthier.

For traditional and religious reasons couple suffer unhappy marriage.

The second considerable reason a lot of dissatisfied couples stay and suffering an unhappy marriage is their religious beliefs. As an example, just think about any country where Catholicism is very significant. In these locations, divorce expenditures are much higher than they are in non-religious nations. This had to work out with the religious belief that a relationship is sacred.

So they notice that divorces are one of the wrongest things any couple can do. The married Catholics would usually quite be miserable in their marriage than execute such a disastrous statute.

Having a strong agreement with each other.

But not all unhappy couples who stay together do it for external reasons like money or religion. Sometimes the main reason people stick with their stale relationships is that they have a strong commitment to each other.

But there is still a kind of love based solely on commitment, and it’s called empty love. Sometimes that’s all it takes to keep a relationship going. It’s strong enough to overcome any of the problems the couple might be going through.

The “sunk cost” fallacy.

One of the most toxic mental prejudices you can plunge into is the sunk cost fallacy. Here, you have something you have put a lot of endeavour and reserves into and you understand the requirement to attach with that thing even if it’s not working. It happens to wagerer and also couples.

The sunk cost fallacy can harm you in a lot of unusual ways. When it comes to marriages, it can kick you to struggle for a relationship that doesn’t function anymore. You essentially just work it because you have already been together for so long.

Sometimes it’s better to suffer a bit in the small period than it is to suffer a lot in the long period.

How to survive from suffering in an unhappy marriage?

You might have begun to think that maintaining and protecting your relationship is impossible because you have been suffering in an unhappy marriage for times. It can sense as if you can do nothing right and your spouse is never satisfied with you then sometimes you may realize like there is nothing definite left in your relationship anymore and you and your spouse can not survive a day.

Some days your wedding can realize like it is over because it puts up with too much effort out of you to just believe about giving rise to things right. However, if you really care about your partner and your relationship you will be ready to put in the effort to prepare it to function, even if it is going to be difficult. Think back to that it is possible to discover a way to fulfill and revoke requiring a divorce.

Your marriage can go bad, but it is natural and common in every relationship to have its lights and darks. It can look as if your troubles and problems just keep building up but it is essential to remember that there are things that you can work out about it and also that there have been people in your condition before that have set up a way out of this suffering period of your relationship. If you want to know How to survive in an unhappy marriage? then you must read this because here we described it in detail.

  • Enjoy your alone time.
  • Don’t try to change your spouse nature.
  • Try to treat your spouse nicely.
  • You first take care of yourself.
  • Let go of any possibilities.
  • Take time to cool off.
  • Stop haunting over his attitude.
  • You must behave politely.
  • Increased your Connection and communication.
  • Engage in other ways too.
  • Take little steps towards alteration.
  • Work on your emotions and sentiments.
  • Ignore further problems.

Bottom line from progrowinlife.

When you concentrate too much on someone else’s attitude it’s clear to miss yourself and you suffering more than you think. Attempting to regulate someone else’s attitude and nature is wasted. You get derailed from your life because you are tormenting about theirs.

It’s allowing you to go of the expectation that your spouse will change in future. Approving them for who they are relieving frustration. So that you less suffer and happier in your life.

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