My husband has no respect for me or my feelings. 20 Signs

Most women are deprived of rights means they have no respect in their relationships. And they always wish that “my husband has some respect for me or my feelings”. But why a wife wishes for respect? Because she knows that the value of respect is more than everything.

No respect means your value is zero in your relationship and it destroys you internally I mean mentally. Everyone deserves respect and you also.

And a woman (married or unmarried) deserves to be respected. It’s her right. Not only a woman but also everyone deserves respect. But remember one thing that “gives respect and take respect.” So, first, you confirm that you give respect to your husband.

In a male-dominated society, women find it difficult to get their rights. But giving respect is a sign that you are mature and you carry a beautiful heart. So you don’t hesitate to give respect to others, particularly women.

Nowadays, this is a common problem in most of the family. Husbands are dominant with their wives and pressurized their wives to do what they want. But this is wrong. And every husband knows that if their wives don’t give respect to them then what does he feels?

Respects are important in a relationship. Mutual respect is more important in a healthy relationship. If one of the couples skips their duties then your married life gets unhappy andlive an unhappy married life.

What to do when your husband doesn’t value you?

If you have the experience that your husband doesn’t value you then it’s hurting you every second and making you feel uncomfortable in your relationship.

Naturally, a wife is unhappy in her relationship and she feels hurt, irritated, painful, sad, depressed or all of them in a combination. Feeling unvalued is must impact your self-esteem and drops the quality of your relationship.

So many questions come to your mind why does my husband undervalue me? Did I do something wrong? Do I have anything less?

What are the signs your husband doesn’t value you?

Feeling undervalued does not come suddenly. It shows in our daily activities and behaviour. If you feel undervalued but confused does he undervalue me? Then you notice these signs.

  • He replies to you on silent auctions.
  • Most of the time he doesn’t listen to you.
  • Always tell you lies or incomplete words.
  • He doesn’t want to spend time with you, so he makes excuses.
  • There is no love, affection, or appreciation towards you.
  • Doesn’t include your concerns or point of view.
  • He doesn’t show romantic or love attention towards you.
  • You never feel physical touches from your partner.
  • Most of the time he ignores communicating with you.
  • And he never gives you the priority you deserve.
  • He never likes your work like cooking, cleaning, talking, dressing, and so on.

This is not the complete list of signs. These are common signs that are happens in daily life. But sometimes you feel some other signs of undervaluing. Our first preference is when we are not getting what we want in our relationship, which is to get the other person to change their activities and attitude.

When you come to this platform, you decided to change your partner’s behaviour towards you. Before you come here, you definitely contact your friends and relatives to change your husband’s attitude and this type of behaviour. But you don’t succeed 100%.

But don’t worry! Here we suggest some points build your own value in your husband’s heart and am sure he respects you and values you. If you ignore these steps then ready to survive an unhappy married life. He must understand his mistakes and initiate to connect with you closer.

my husband has no respect for me or my feelings

I try to be independent when my husband has no respect for me.

When you are less dependent upon him and make yourself dependent then you look something different in your partner’s behaviour. And you never feel lonely in your relationship or marriage because you have less time to think about that.

You engaged in some businesses, jobs or other work, you definitely feel relaxed because your times are gone with other people and work. So, you take care of yourself and you feel that you are now equal to your husband.

Your husband notices that other people respect you, he feels jealous and he stat to give you value and wants to spend time with you.

When there is no respect for me then I do my part and leave his part.

When there is no love and respect then there is no togetherness. Both are living their own life under one roof. Respect needs both sides’ efforts. So there are your part and his part. So you start to do your part better.

We suggest starting your part first not because you want to change your partner but if you do something wrong, it covers your mistakes. And you know you have the confidence to influence your partner and also control him.

After your every try and effort, you never change him or never create some feelings and respect for you then this is the sign of failing marriage. So, you choose another partner for a better life. Because self-respect is most important for a happy life.

I stand for myself when there is no respect for me.

This is the top way to inspire him to respect you and value you, is for you to respect him more. You first take a stand for yourself. Develop a sense of yourself as an important, deserving person.

Always live a practical life and try to find out what is up for and what you’re not up for. I mean you never waste your time on unnecessary matters. You make yourself a more valuable person than other people give you respect.

When you strictly announced what you like, what you don’t like openly and also say “NO” to what you don’t like. It creates your value. And try to reach all these things to your partner in a productive way.

You get curious.

It’s the final idea to get your respect in your relationship. Make a mindset that you already know everything before instead to get curious. You investigate his experience and share your experience. This type of communication is the perfect and favourable way to make yourself valuable.

You take a stand for yourself, look at your duties. Provides what your husband wants or asks clearly for what you want from him, appreciate him where he does value you. This type of communication is really good for you both and both feel valued in your places.

How do you tell if your husband has no respect for you?

As a human being, you have the sensitivity and understanding power. You feel what is good and what is bad, which is right and which one is wrong. So, it’s easy to know whether your husband respects you or not.

But you confused about how to tell if your husband has no respect for you? Because a wife feels shame to say that. But you can easily tell your husband that he disrespects you and these things hurt you enough.

Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are part of life. We learn something from our mistakes and that’s life. So, if you do something wrong and it hurts your partner. After that, you accept your mistakes and feel guilty, say sorry to your partner and you take care of him more. He definitely forgives you otherwise you live an unhappy married life.

What are the signs your husband doesn’t respect you?

We know that you wondering about the signs your husband doesn’t respect you. Sometimes it’s not easy to know that your partner disrespects you.

But it’s necessary to know whether your partner respects you or not because only love is not enough to stay in a relationship. Love and respects are two pillars of a healthy relationship. So it’s important to know that your husband loves you and respects you.

Here we point out some telltale signs that show your husband doesn’t respect you. With these signs, you confirm whether you are special to him or not. He actually wants to stay with you and your relationship or not. So, comes to the point:

how do you tell if your husband has no respect for you

Signs your husband doesn’t respect you.

  • He doesn’t care about your thoughts or feelings.
  • When you call him, he ignores your calls many times.
  • He offends you in front of others or in a public place.
  • Horrible comments about your family, friends, and relatives.
  • Most of the time he says lie to you.
  • He doesn’t recognize you around others.
  • You notice that he attracts others more than you.
  • Maximum time he compares you with other women or his ex.
  • He discusses with his friend your negative things.
  • Always flirting with other girls and enjoying.
  • He never gives his undivided attention to you.
  • And he never cares about your feelings and sentiments.
  • He avoids spending time with you.
  • Your husband is impolite to you.
  • And less apprehensive about your belongings.
  • Most of the time he never needs your opinion.
  • Maximum time he takes all critical decisions.
  • He doubts you without any evidence or any reason.
  • Forgot your special days always or not show interest in your special days.
  • He never celebrates your success or any happy moments.

If you show some signs in your relationship then it’s not a good sign. Don’t get late just discuss with your partner about that topic. And wait for some time to change their bad behaviour towards you.

If he is not ready to change his activities then you definitely contact with professional and take some advice for your healthy relationship. But one can do all these things when he is not interested to live that relationship or feeling breathless.

How to get the respect you deserve from your husband?

Respect is not the thing that you beg and find. Respect is the very expensive thing that makes or breaks a relationship. Respect is important in a relationship and it helps couples to connect more closely with each other. Getting the respect you deserve from your husband is a process and it takes some time.

But every wife deserves to be treated with respect in their mother-in-law. Other people give respect to a wife when her husband gives respect to her wife. When a husband ignores or disrespects his wife then she suffers an unhappy married life.

You must try to assess respect from your husband but you never get back. But don’t worry! Here you found the best ways to get back trust from your husband.

How to get your husband’s respect?

Tips and tricks to get the respect you deserve.

  • First, you respect him enough.
  • Never compare your husband with others.
  • When he talks with you, you listen to him attentively
  • Avoid aggressive complaints about him.
  • When you talk, try to be positive in your mind.
  • Don’t interrupt him when saying something to you.
  • Don’t irritate him.
  • Don’t fight when other people are there.
  • You always say the good part of your husband to other people.
  • Always stay with him like back support.
  • Encourage him to touch his goals in the future.
  • Consult him before doing any big deal.
  • Always seek his advice and accept that.
  • Give love and respect to his family members.
  • Make him feel comfortable with you in bed.
  • As a wife, Try to fulfil his desires.
  • Sometimes he needs space, give him some personal time.
  • Let him take a final decision.
  • Maintain his things carefully.
  • Never talk about his bad habits to others.
  • Don’t discuss valueless matters with your partner.
  • Try to avoid the things which your husband never likes.

If you touch these above points then the chance of getting the respect you deserve from your husband. Introducing love and respect will not reduce your value as a woman. Instead, it reflects how strong you are as a person and you can make impossible things possible.

When your husband notices that you do your best and make effort to be a perfect wife then he must be motivated by you and try to be a better husband. He learn something from you and started to give respect to you and your thought.

How do I get my husband to respect my feelings?

Every couple is connected by feelings and emotions. In a relationship, girls always want that their partner loves them and respect them. There are physical connections is not matter. In a healthy relationship, love and respect are soft parts and these are connected to both couples.

If one of them never wants to connect with another then the relationship is gradually disturbed. But as a wife, you always want to recover your relationship and make your husband come on the right track.

So, follow these steps and get your husband to respect your feelings.

  • You never think that you are always right.
  • Never put other people before your partner.
  • You must remember that he is a man and he is your husband.
  • Don’t dishonour your partner or partner’s feelings.
  • You never recall the past mistakes made by your husband.
  • Don’t make your partner become defensive.
  • Never use your romance as a bargaining tool.

If you give respect and honour to your husband then he returns you the same respect. But it takes time to get back. Keep patience and wait for the right time.

Sometimes you give respect but he has no respect for you. Here teach him a lesson and let him know how it feels when you have no respect from your partner.

After all, if you never found any result then you do what is good for you. Because it’s better to live alone with your self-respect. You take care of yourself first then think about others.

what are the signs your husband doesn't respect you

My husband has no respect for me or my feelings quotes.

My husband has no respect for me or my feelings it breaks a wife’s heart. But for the sake of respect, she doesn’t want to say this to her husband. But these quotes are a way in which you give a signal that you feel hurt for his disrespectful behaviour.

No one wants to live with a person or relationship where she feels useless, valueless and she has no respect there. So, get a unique step to realizing that all the work he does is wrong. And before taking any step give him a chance to change. Send him these messages or keep them in the status for him.

When your husband doesn’t respect you quotes.

Being critical isn’t the same as being disrespectful. -A.D. Aliwal.

If you want her respect, do not disrespect her feelings. -Gift Gugu Mona.

It’s better to be alone and keep your dignity that to be in a relationship where you always sacrifice your self-respect. –Auliq Ice.

When you tolerate disrespectful people you disrespect yourself. -Wayne Gerard Trotman.

Disagreement is one thing, disrespect is quite another. -Richard V. Reeves.

Only a man who doesn’t love himself mistreats the woman who loves him. -R. H. Sin.

Your words to your spouse matter, but the tone in which you speak those words matters just as much. -Dave Willis.

When a person tells you that you hurt them, you don’t get to decide that you didn’t. -Louis C. K.

Love is a reason for so many things… but not to tolerate disrespect and abuse. Let love be the force that heals you from a bad relationship, not what keeps you in it.-Steve Maraboli.

Poisonous relationships cloud your vision. I wasted a lot of time adjusting my personal boundaries and justifying disrespect when it would have been so much easier to simply adjust my life to their absence. -Steve Maraboli.

There is no excuse for making disrespectful and demeaning comments about women. -Beto O’Rourke.

Now that you’ve looked through all the quotes, which ones stood out, send them to your partner. Try to do your best on your side and let leave on God’s hand. If you feel some improvement in your partner’s behaviour then it works for you.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

Every person deserves respect. Any relationship sustains only love and respect. If you feel that love is enough to live in a relationship. Then you are not totally wrong but not totally right. Loves create from respect and both help to move your relationship smoothly.

If we say about marriage or a committed relationship then love faded away on the wind of changing atmosphere and situations but respect always stays there for you and your partner.

As a husband learn to give respect to your wife and wife’s feeling and as a wife you must give respect and take respect. Here you definitely learn something useful to you. If you feel happy and satisfied to visit here then leave a comment below.

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