Are you using social media? Be conscious! Its affect your married life.

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   In this world, millions of people have used a smartphone. Every generation used android phone and iPhone. The young generation uses social media most. First of all, they use it for their entertainment but now it’s a part of their life. 

     Social Media is not bad but somehow it affects your marriage life. After marriage certainly, they are not able to avoid social media. Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Wechat, Telegram and so many apps are added to their daily routine. We give our expensive time in mobile screen and our use time is excess. You all know that “too much anything is good for nothing”. This proverb said that an excesses lead to something bad. At first, we use social media but now social media use us. Social media is now a key factor in our life.

    In a research, 70% of married couples are using social media in a little or larger time. And these social media create a platform for divorce. 

     In the case of newly married couples, These common issues are created by Social Media.

Spending too much time on Social Media.

       In this busy life, we use social media for relaxing and entertaining. We deeply involved ourselves in the story shown on the mobile screen and forgot exterior what will happen in our surrounding.

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Spending time on mobile

       We are busy with online friends and give our attention to them. Somewhere we lose our relationship. Whatever time you spend for your spouse, you spend it on social media. You hear your spouse words but your mind concertation on another thing which show on mobile. Your focus is diverted from your spouse to social media. Slowly you loose your relationship. Because you forget to talking and laughing or discuss any topic with your soulmate. You lose your soulmate for this digital world. 

Increase Jealousy.

      Naturally in the case of newly married couples their expectations, emotions, feelings are very high from each other. Jealousy is a negative emotion and it’s affecting your relationship. The big hand for establishing jealousness in your spouse is social media. Yes, you all feel this. So many people share their great moments on social media and some pictures which is not necessary to post.

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Increase Jealousy

     It is no shock since Facebook Page lets anyone see a friend of friends, such as who is in the photo with your partner. Which create a negative impact on your marriage life. You feel jealous and your feelings for your spouse is decreased day by day.

Increase Suspicions and Snooping.

       Social Media provides instant information and allurement to us. Then we are addicted to collecting message within a second and it is difficult to ignore them. We make unknown new friends and take e-meetings with them. On social media, we catching some new and some old fellow. On Social Media, we getting drowned with a new friend or probably an ex-partner. Unknowingly you cheat your spouse. Somehow, it demolishes your healthy marriage life.

social media

      Regardless of whether suspicions are set up or not, but people feel anxious about their relationship and they start detecting on their spouse account. This appalling situation leads to increasing jealousy, scrutinizing and dispute in a relationship.

Unfaithfulness and Online Affairs.

      Most of the people don’t feel shame about their work towards ruined their relationship and they dupe their partner again and again. These peoples are not interested in their  spouse and most of the time they avoid their marriage life. Unfortunately, these people warranted by their partner. Finally their relation comes to the point of divorce. 

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      Nowadays, it’s difficult to find out the soulmates online affair. So many social media aaps are now available for creating new relation or developing an old one. On research, many married people are involved in an online affair.

Neglected their Relationship.

      A healthy marriage  life needs time to spend with each other. You both have so many responsibilities to continue your married life long-lasting. If one of them slip their feet then you loose your relationship. So many people busy in their online social world and they are unhappy in their marriage  relationship. Started neglecting their spouse. They create thousand of reason to keep distance from their spouse like coming home late at night and show up that they are tired and so many excuses for delay their relation.

     One thing you all are remember that ” One Soulmate is better than thousands of Online fake friend.” Always try to avoid social media and stay connected with your life partner. Make your house a home with love, trust and care.


     How to live a healthy marriage life read these 6 secret keys for successful marriage life. 


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