Are you got married recently ? This invaluable advices for you.

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Are you got married recently ? This invaluable advices for you.

” A Successful Marriage requires falling in love many times, 
always with the same person. “
Mignon McLaughlin
American Journalist and author

       Marriage is not hard. It’s the most wonderful feelings in the world. Newly married Weds are so much excited and hide much more loves for their spouse. Their expectations from each other are very high.

     A happy marriage begins when we marry the ones we love, they blossom when we love the ones we marry.

    I present my feelings and experiences here, after my marriage, I am much excited and the level of expectations also high like others. The main and important thing I experienced, is to accept the situation and adjust yourself and make a strong mindset is their family is your family. Just give up and try to make proper communication with each member of the family. 

      Try to understand their impression for you if good then that’s well, if not then take some time to change their minds. I know it’s not easy but not impossible.

     These are some most valuable and precious marriage advice for newlyweds for their happy journey.

Communication is the foundation of a long-lasting marriage.

    You should learn how to communicate with your spouse. You both are trying to communicate as much as possible. Humbly, both share your past, likes, dislikes, thinking everything openly. Always be a good listener for your spouse and try to know their feelings, expectations and love for you.

married couple
Love Communication

      Always says that he or she is special and say thank you for coming into your life. In a long-lasting marriage love, respect and understanding are important. In the beginning, the newlyweds need some time to understand their spouses. Accept your spouse what they are and help them in every situation.

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies”

Aristotle, Philosopher

Plan for future schedule and emergency.

    After marriage, the first thing is both make a schedule for their future emergencies. No one likes unpleasant surprises and you also never want that type of surprises that make you unhappy or stressed.

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Love Birds

     Emergencies can happen at any time or stage of marriage like unemployment, illness, banking problems and so many. So you both make a schedule for your future. Accept your spouse suggestions if you think she or he is right. Always stay by your spouse side and collaborate on their work.

The Quality of Sex (not Quantity).

        Yes, sex is another way to express love to your spouse. Newlyweds accept this advice.  It gives you another way to engage mentally and physically. The quality of sex is most crucial than the quantity. At the time of sex, both are trying to establish a delightful and amazing atmosphere and share your lovely feelings for your spouse. 

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Lovely Couple

        After marriage as much as possible you both do sex regularly and at that time just gossip about love and sex topic. That time is confidential and precious you both are celebrating and enjoy each moment with kisses and hugs.

        If possible plan for a honeymoon trip and this makes your relationship stronger. You both have so much time to spend together and collecting loves, cares and some unforgettable memories which makes your marriage long-lasting.

After Marriage accepting Spouse Family.

        Nowadays, family issues are the main cause for diverse. The newlyweds are not suddenly accepted each other family. This is the reality that accepting a spouse family is not easy its want some time and you must help him or her.

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Lovely Couple

      Always beginning is hard but not impossible. At first, you both introduce your family in an unpretentious way and try to make a good impression and also well communication. Your responsibility is to make an equilibrium between them and help them to converse together as much as possible. 6 Secret keys of a successful marriage life. Read More….

Argument is needed for a healthy relationship and make it fairly.

      Newly married couples are so much serious in their relationship. But don’t worry, why are you serious? Take it easy and fight funnily and fairly. Start an argument and placing your feelings, thinking, and show how much you mature.

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Lovely Couple

      You should remember that don’t disrespect and discourage your spouse. At that argument time, you just focus on what your partner wants to say and listen carefully and go to the root of the cause. Help to solve the problem and place your opinion. When you are together then the problem solved.

Always sort out money problem together.

    This is a vast topic and I put in last. Because you all are read intensely and utilize in your married life. Newly married couples have one major problem is they are disappointed in their relationship and the reason is money matter. Some couple diverse for that reason. 

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Always Together

     The bride and the groom live in a different style and their money budgets differ from each other. After marriage, both are compromise in their previous money style and together sort out money matter sharply. This is essential for a healthy relationship.

“Where there is Love there is Life.”

-Mohandas Gandhi

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