What makes a man unhappy in marriage?

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By all means, marry.
If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy.
If you get a bad one, you’ll become a Philosopher.

We all know that men are more excited about their marriage than women. They have a lot of dreams about marriage, just like women do. They have high expectations of their wife and always try to fulfil all the wishes of their wife.You know what a man marries when he is mentally prepared and he can well maintain his family but after all,why is a man so sad after marriage? What makes a man unhappy in marriage? why he unhappy?

You would be surprised to know that today, many newlywed men are mentally retarded and they have everything. But, Why are they sad even though he has everything?

Grieve the one whose heart is tender. Yes, men’s hearts are not hard, they look hard on the outside, but their hearts are as soft as women’s hearts.

No one in the world does not want to be happy. No man has ever been sad. A man who can’t cry outside doesn’t mean he can’t hurt. He is suffering, he is hurting but we never notice their pain.

But now we will discuss why a man is unhappy after marriage? What makes him more miserable than mental or physical pain? So let’s start to see what is the root of all problems. And here we show the main reason that makes a man unhappy in marriage and these are most common in every unhappy relationship.

12 Reasons make a man unhappy in marriage.

Lack of love in married life.

When love and affection diminish in marital life, then the colour of life fades. There is only sadness in a loveless relationship and both of them feel the grief. But why is there a lack of love in marriage? Why can’t they both love each other? It may be that they don’t like each other or after some days they think that they are not made for each other.

But when a wife is doesn’t ready to accept her husband then what will the man do? Repeatedly trying to get his wife to love him but every day he feels unhappy and guilty. Or his wife wants to stay away from him and most of the time try to avoid him. At the time, the husband could not tell anyone but he is unhappy in his marriage. Because he wants the happiness of his family and he tolerates everything.

This is the most common reason why does a man stay in an unhappy marriage? He never wants to lose his reputation and career, job and the happiness of his family and relatives.

While he may not forget his ex-girlfriend.

It’s common for everyone to love someone before marriage. But not all love is successful. And the lucky one will marry the one he loves. But not everyone is lucky. So they get married elsewhere, whether they want to or not. But if the man never forgets his ex-girlfriend then his married life is miserable. One day this will create a storm in her marital life.

Marriages are about being honest with your wife. To move forward with your new marriage. But if a man has an affair with his ex-girlfriend after marriage, it is a crime. And in our society, it’s called extramarital affairs. And he knows that he is wrong. And he tries not to tell anyone about it. There is always a fear in my mind that what will happen if my wife finds out? And these fears make a married man unhappy in marriage.

When he knows about his wife’s extramarital affair.

No husband on earth would be happy to know about his wife’s extramarital affairs. The wife of a man who does this will spend the rest of his life in pain. And that person will be crying at every moment. Married women who are engaged in external affairs are more love their husbands or hate their husbands more. But when a man knows about his wife’s work he feels the pain of heartbreak.

Did a man think at the time that something was wrong with him? That’s what his wife did. And again, he thinks that he has some deficiency that’s why his wife is attracted to another person. So many questions in his mind which makes him mad. Most of the time he wants to spend alone and insult himself for his blind trust. Sometimes he starts some bad habits like drinking, smoking etc. These are the signs a man is unhappy in his marriage.

When his wife is less trusting and more skeptical.

Faith is God. The world runs by faith. One such family happily lives as long as there is faith. The world did not run on the foundation of unbelief. Even if it goes on. It breaks in a very short time. It is very difficult to trust anyone but it takes very little time to trust your spouse. When a wife places doubt in her relationship then her love and respect for her wife gradually decrease and indirectly makes a husband unhappy.

The world is shattered when there is more skepticism than belief in married life. Both husband and wife suffer and spend every moment in hardship and turmoil. A husband always wants his wife to trust him and trust him. But when his wife looks at him with suspicion, he looks down on her. He wondered if he had done something wrong.

But an honest person cannot tolerate doubt. If he has done something wrong or if he has done something unintentionally, give him time to correct it. But it’s not okay to embarrass her over and over again. He will be upset, he will not be able to do any work properly, he will not be happy for a single moment. This is the sign that you can easily say that a man is unhappy in his marriage.

If his wife and his family quarrel all day.

Families are the ones who fight. And when there are quarrels, love grows in the family. Because one can better understand the other when another one is absent. There are many types of fights. Where there is affection and love there is quarrelling. Sometimes there are fights over good things and sometimes there are fights over love. But the worst part was the jealousy and aggressive quarrels with one another which will create hatred between the two.

But when an option is put in front of a man or whoever you choose, that man is almost crazy. Because she didn’t know who to leave and who to keep. Everyone is his own. She can’t leave anyone alone. How can a man be happy if he listens to their quarrels at every moment and thinks about it? His wife on one side and his mother on the other.

People get stuck in it. At the time, he thoughts that he was getting wrong to marry and also think that he could not put the two together properly. And slowly he is depressed and looks sad on his face. This sad look is the sign someone is unhappy in their marriage.

Lack of enough money to run a family.

It’s a common issue in every family. If he belongs to a rich family or a poor one is not matter. The richer a person is, the more expensive he is. His family is in high demand. But middle-class families are more likely to be in trouble. A man spends for himself before marriage, but after marriage, he spends for his family. Before he could spend money on himself, he was thinking about his wife and children. As the number of members in the family increases, so does the expenses of the family. But that person’s income does not increase.

He is worried about whether he will be able to meet all the needs of his family. Whether he can make everyone happy or not. That’s why he’s not happy and there is always fear and sorrow in the mind. Whether or not he can raise more money if there are any problems in the future. Because where there is love, there is fear.

When he feels disrespected and unappreciated.

A married couple is made for each other. A husband thinks that he found the support in his life who helps, encourage, assists, motivate him in every step of his life. You listen to an old saying that behind every successful man there is a woman and if the man is married then the woman is his wife. So, a wife is necessary for a man as his backbone and to stay by his side in every situation.

But when a man feels that his wife is not encouraging him or values him. Nor did she likes him and his work and also he is not respected as much as he is entitled to. Then he will feel very unhappy and underestimated. But a man expects as much respect as he expects to love. He did not expect much from his wife, that she would solve all the problems. But he can expect so much that she gives him strength in times of trouble.

When he is physically dissatisfied.

A married man expresses his love through romance. But a woman needs her husband’s smile, affection, well behave and all these things are enough for her to stay happy. A husband always wants his wife to cooperate with him in the bed and show her interest. And it is the sign of a happy and healthy marriage.

But when a man feels that he is no more attractive to his wife then he definitely feels unhappy and his marriage life is going without romance. These things are unspoken and he is a fear that he is no longer attractive. But in some other cases, his wife is avoiding him in the bed and makes some excuses to stay away from him which makes him feel undervalued and hated. He thinks that his wife is rejecting him and he feels unhappy his whole day.

Sacrificing his dreams and goals to bring happiness to married life.

Marriage is base on love, respect but the foundation of marriage is more strong when the couple is ready to sacrifice. Even if one of the two sacrifices, the relationship is not strengthened. The contribution of both is essential. Everyone says that a girl makes a lot of sacrifices after marriage. But no one has ever said that a man makes the same sacrifice. Because the man did not want to show his sacrifice to anyone. He wants only his family, his wife, and his children to be happy.

As you can see, a middle-class man never used expensive things after his marriage or after his child was born. Because he always puts her family first. He has a lot of dreams for his future before marriage. He also has a lot of desires. But he puts it all behind him to meet the needs of the family. He knows his dream will never come true but he works days and nights to fulfil the dreams of others. Forget about his needs. After all, he still has grief that no one understands his dreams and hopes.

When you’re tired, you can’t eat well at home.

Men love to eat more delicious food than women. And you’ve probably heard that the easiest way to reach a man’s heart is to let him eat the food of his choice. And a man is happier when his wife learns all kinds of cooking. After the wedding, she did not like to eat outside. Is it true that a man expects his wife to learn all kinds of cooking before her marriage? Because she can eat the food of her choice at home.

But if a man’s hopes are dashed after marriage, he must be sad. And he wants his wife to keep his favorite food for him when he gets home from work. But the woman did not do so which makes him unhappy. Then the husband will be saddened by this happening over and over again. And even if the husband says so, she doesn’t give him the food of his choice. So how can a husband be happy in his married life? If everyone’s wife gives her husband a delicious meal if your wife doesn’t give it to you. So how does he feel in front of everyone?

When they become parents.

Parenthood is a time where you learn new things. Where you found something new and lost your previous happiness and enjoyment. It’s also a rewarding experience for both. But a woman is happier with her baby and most of her time spend on baby care and treatment. She forgets about her husband and his needs.

And slowly the romance between them has faded away and a wife put her child first and her husband second. And also overlook her partners need and wishes for which most of the husbands are unhappy in their marriage. He feels neglected and avoided. They have no more together time to spend with each other and share their feelings. If we say that he is living a boring life. And he most likes to spend his time outside the home.

When he feels inadequate.

It’s a bad feeling when someone feels that he is inadequate to maintain his family or to keep his marital life happy and healthy. This type of feeling makes a man depressed and unhappy. Most of the married men are agreed that he feels inadequate in his marriage. But why a man thinks so.

What kind of people thinks so? And why do they think so? Honestly, he has some flaws. Nor have they lost the battle of life. The fear inside him makes him think so. If a person goes to hide a mistake over and over again, and he will eventually lose the game. At the time, he could not speak to his wife, nor could he meet his wife. He becomes smaller in the face of women and children who have been deceived and cheated. And his wife, who is suffering, is left alone. She expresses her anger. At the time, men felt inadequate and unhappy.

Bottom line from progrowinlife.

It takes a long time to strengthen marriage and be very patient, loving, caring, and strong-willed. The more you experience, the healthier and more beautiful your marriage will be and the most important thing is that no matter how dangerous it is, no matter what the time always need to be with each other and help one another. Both need to be trusted and believed. Try to understand the value of your partner and respect him for what he deserves.

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