Why does a man stay in an unhappy marriage?

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It is very difficult to build a happy family and it is very easy to break up. You know what it takes a lot of time, patience and dedication to make a family beautiful and healthy. And it takes very little time if deception, betrayal, cheating, lying, arrogance are used to destroy the family. After all why does a man stay in an unhappy marriage?

Everyone wants to be married. And it’s easy for a man to wish for marrying and get married. But after marriage, it is very difficult for him to be bound by the holy bond and live for the rest of his life. But after marriage, a man is staying happy or unhappy depending on his partner, family, situation and luck. Even if one of them does not support him, then the man will be unhappy. But that doesn’t mean that every time, everything is fine and available for you.

It takes a long time to understand the true meaning of marriage. Times are changing so he has to keep pace with the times. His family also has to keep pace with the times. He always has to take the test at every moment on his journey of life and will try again as if to pass the test. If he fails, he will suffer and no one is there for him.

What makes a man unhappy in marriage?

After all, if a man is unhappy in his marriage and still staying in that relationship then there are several reasons behind this which is why he doesn’t want to leave the relationship. And here we discuss all the reasons why does a man stay in an unhappy marriage? Before the discussion, we want to say a little summary of the things that make a man unhappy or what makes a man unhappy in marriage?

  • Lack of love and respect.
  • Extramarital affairs.
  • Less trusting and more skeptical.
  • Arguments between his wife and mother.
  • Lack of sufficient money.
  • Lack of understanding and appreciation.
  • Physically dissatisfaction.
  • Become parents.
  • Feels inadequate.
  • No healthy food at home.
  • Sacrificing dreams and goals.
  • Bad habits.
  • No common interest.
  • There is no more fun.
  • No longer your confidant.
  • Feeling neglected.

When a man is facing all these problems in his married life, he becomes unhappy.

It’s time to discuss why does a man stay in an unhappy marriage? When a man is mentally prepared to do something, he reaches his conclusion and when he decides to stay with his wife and children, he will know that he is ready to endure all the hardships. But one thing is for sure, why are they getting ready to endure this? And that’s when we started looking for the cause and we found there are many reasons for this, not just one. Then we want to present all the reasons here for your knowledge.

Top 10 reasons a man unhappy marriage.

He loves his wife and he doesn’t want to leave her.

There are quarrels in the family. There is also an atmosphere of unrest. After all, he/she loves his family and that doesn’t mean that there is no love for his/her family members. There are so many types it’s hard to say. And there is no such thing as a quarrel between husband and wife. There are many families where the husband and wife have a good relationship but his wife does not fall in love with the family which is why he is living in misery. In such a situation he is not ready to leave his wife because he has a good relationship with his wife.

But their situation is not good and here his condition is to blame for his grief and he knows that he is in an unhappy marriage but can’t leave. He could not be held accountable for his actions. Neither can he leave his wife nor his family. That’s why he lives an unhappy marriage.

He loves his children more than he loves himself.

Most of the unhappily married men stay in their marriage for the sake of their kids. Every parent loves their children more than they love themselves. Once a man becomes a father, his responsibilities increase and he thinks about his child before doing anything. They are always vigilant because their children suffer from the effects of parental quarrels. No other father wants his child to suffer. He puts his child’s happiness first and then he thinks about his happiness. He never wanted his child to know about his parents’ quarrel.

He always wants to be the best parent in the eyes of his child. That’s why he didn’t always like to fight. He prefers to be unhappy because her children are happy and he chooses to stay in an unhappy marriage for the child. As a father, he was responsible to value his children’s happiness and joy.

For the future of his child a man stay in unhappy marriage.

Before taking any decision a father thinks about his children and their future. A father is always worried about their children’s bright future and ambitions. When they see that their parents are fighting every day and for a particular reason then they are affected by depression which is not good for their future. A father didn’t show his love to his children but he loves his children more than a mother does.

When a man thinks of leaving his wife, he wonders if he will lose his children. He knows that children will be better off with their mother and that her upbringing will be better. But what will be the future of children? Will our separation affect them or not? Will they be a good person or not? Can her mother meet all their needs? A lot of questions come to his mind about the child’s future. And he decided to stay in his sad life.

Can’t forget the beautiful moments of the past.

There are no people in the world who don’t care about their past. This is true of not remembering everything in the past but there are definitely some moments of happiness and some moments of sadness. Times of good and happiness always gives us pleasure. If he remembers everything during the time of grief, the grief will be alleviated to some extent. Once again, there is a desire to live. All those moments seem to be over.

The first meeting of the two, the first reunion and the unforgettable day he spent with his wife during that honeymoon help us to forgive his spouse faults and also makes him to strong. That sweet past did not allow him to leave his wife because he did not forget the past or the love of his wife. And he sometimes wonders that the good things they used in past and how the things are changing to bad ones. He was a hope that everything is getting alright in future.

Fear of being alone makes a man stay in an unhappy marriage.

Fear is the first thing that comes to mind when a man thinks about leaving his marriage or leaving his family or his wife. He thinks that he staying alone for the rest of his life. Fear is the most dangerous word that makes your life miserable. He is also afraid to think about his future without a spouse.

Sometimes a man is feeling alone in between many people. And he knows how’s it feels when a person is staying alone and It hurts more at that same time. Man throws away all his bad days and feels like he’s lost in life.

Fear of losing dignity in society.

We live in a society where people will say what you do. If you do wrong, they say it wrong, if you do something right, they say it is also wrong. Whatever you do people always say wrong. Not everyone but specific some people. They will only be there to speak wrong about you. Today we live in the modern age but we still have fears that people will point fingers at us. They Will comment on our character and start talking badly about our family.

So, most people live an unhappy life because of the fear of losing dignity in society. A person has a hard time creating their own identity. And she never wanted her reputation to be ruined in the eyes of society. He will not let the identity he has worked through all his life be buried in the ground. He doesn’t want her family to be harmed by her small mistakes. So he never discloses his pain, his grief. He always tries to adjust himself to the situation. He knows he is unhappy, he knows he is depressed and also he knows that he is disturbed. Still, he lives in a relationship where he is uncomfortable.

Promises were made at the wedding that’s why a man stay in an unhappy marriage.

Even today, there are people in society who do not want to give up. Once he has spoken, he keeps it for the rest of his life. They are very honest people. He gives more importance to his promises than to his happiness. He keeps all the promises he made at the wedding. Forgive all your wife’s mistakes and sometimes he ignores his wife’s mistakes. Because he vows to be a partner for the rest of his life.

In this day and age, the honest one is the one who suffers the most. They will never see the pain of others or want to hurt others. But the question arises as to how long a man stay in an unhappy marriage? The end of life will come when the husband observes his religion and duties. The husband is unhappy in his marriage when he keeps his promise and his wife does not keep her promise.

Belief in religion and tradition.

When a person decides to divorce it means a different meaning that is he divorces himself from the beliefs that have been installed in him since his childhood. And divorce is also perceived as a sin no matter the conditions or the situation of his and his family it brings immeasurable guilt to his family.

In this case, divorce is more bitter and painful than staying in an unhappy relationship. Divorce means a conclusion to deny his core beliefs and stakes being ostracized from his family or society. So as long as the marriage is not a bitter one, staying with them may be the better choice for him.

If the wife is earning a living then a man stays in an unhappy marriage.

There are still some men in our society who are not happy. But everyone seems to be happy because they are the cause of his grief. Instead of earning a living on their own, they depend on their wives for their livelihood. A woman cannot tolerate her husband’s incompetence. She will never want her husband to depend on others for his money. So she protests and forces her husband to earn a living which is why he fights inside.

Even if husbands are in mourning, they cannot leave their wives and families. Because without him, he can’t support himself. He is in pain, he is in discomfort but they cannot protest. Because they have no other option so they are staying in an unhappy marriage.

Lack of enough money to divorce.

When a man thinks of applying for divorce he is mentally prepared for that. The procedure for divorce is lengthy and time taking and also need more money. Because divorce is not easy. Particularly for men. If a man belongs to a middle-class family and spends all his money on household expenses. No matter how unhappy he is in the marriage, he doesn’t think about leaving his wife. So he chooses to stay in a relationship where he is unhappy and depressed.

A man will not get a divorce as soon as he wants to divorce. He has to wait until his wife agrees to a divorce. The more time passes, the more money will be spent. If he divorces, he will have to pay some money to his wife. He may even have to pay his wife a monthly stipend.

It’s a habit to be like that.

He can be in society when a person mixes himself with the situation. We all are creatures of habit and it is also so easy and a person does what he did, tolerating change and mourning the efforts inherent in forging a new path. We become familiarized with our surroundings, even when they are differentiated. Once placed, he tends to stay.

Nowadays many people stay in an unhappy marriage, may not even be consciously conscious that he is in a bad marriage. There are life is sleepwalking through life. He acts without thought and reacts out of habit. Once a man feels comfortable and makes himself adjustable in that situation then that is his life. He knows that his life is going on sad but he overlooks his feelings and try to make everything normal.

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