Why wives are unhappy in marriage? (11 awful reasons)

Marriage is a beautiful bond and it is bound in a delicate thread. If we do not keep it in love and affection, it will likely end. Both husband and wife need to take care of it. It will stop as long as it is a little careless. Then no matter how hard you try to tie, it will not be attached both husband and wife are unhappy in marriage. In some cases, only wives are unhappy in marriage but why they are unhappy?

If tied, the relationship will be a little stained. So both need to take care of each other’s feelings and emotions and also take care of your relationship.

One thing to keep in mind is that sadness and turmoil in your married life will not hurt anyone except you and your partner. So, do whatever you want to do but keep your relationship in mind. Agree with each other. If neither of you agrees, it’s best not to work. If we say about wife, she needs your love, care, affection, and attention. She is not happy with the relationship when she is oppressed, neglected, underestimated, and tortured.

All relationships have ups and downs. There are many types of storms that are coming into a relationship. But if a wife is happy with her husband and her family, she will face all the dangers happily. And if she is in pain, she is broken and trapped in small problems. But why do wives become unhappy in their marriage? Who is responsible for that? Husband or family, society or she herself? A person will never want to be sad. So when we tried to find the cause of her grief, the information came as a surprise.

Reasons why wives are unhappy in their marriage?

Reasons why many women are not happy with their married life is clearly described below. You need to open your eys and identify the reasons and try to fix the problem. As a husband it’s your duty to keep ypur wife happy and satisfied in her relationship.

But we noticed that there are some common reasons why many women are not happy with their married life and we want to present some of the reasons here I hope you will benefit and try to be happy yourself and to keep your wife happy too. We also expect from you that if for any of the reasons listed here it is related to your family life, then try to resolve it immediately. So let’s start to read what makes wives unhappy

Unnecessary interference from other members of the family in their marital life.

Nowadays it’s a big problem for an unhappy marriage and most couples are separated from each other because of their other family members. Sometimes you noticed that both partners are happy in their marital life and spend every day with a lot of hope and prayer. But before understanding each other their family members are put wrong things about their spouse in their minds and the husband doesn’t understand what to do? And sometimes he is confused about what is right and what is wrong? But till now, I don’t know what they found to break his family?

wives are unhappy

And after all these things happen to a man is making him keep his distance from his wife and he never trusts his wife’s word. So that she feels alone in that house. Every day she tries to make her relationship strong but she can’t. Sometimes she wants to share her feelings and emotions with someone else but there is no one for her to listen to her. So she decided to leave the relationship.

They are not satisfied with their physical intimacy.

Every married couple wishes that his or her partner is feel good when both are in bed. And it’s the symbol of healthy and happy marriage life. But sometimes you hear that physical intimacy is the most common reason for many divorces and some people don’t want a divorce but still live an unhappy married life and this is not something you can easily digest. But the common thing is girls want more love than physical relations and men also want love but in the form of physical relations.

But the whole day work and work pressure make a person tired at the end of the day so sometimes they want some rest so they never show interests in bed but their partner never feel such things. And they have started misunderstanding which leads to unhappiness and problems in their relationship.

Some people are unhappy because of less physical activities and some people are unhappy due to regular romance. So it’s most important that you both understand each other’s feelings and wants. Then you both are happy.

She feels that she has no freedom and has to get permission before she can do anything.

After marriage, both feel equal and give your partner love, respect, attention, intention, effort, and time. If any one of these is missing in your day-to-day life then it’s like a boring relationship and both are waiting for a grant. But mostly a wife feels neglected and she always wants permission to do any work. Sometimes she gets overlooked by their family members and she feels that she has no more emotions and wishes. Her life was dammed and she got masked.

But one thing you noticed is that a wife does all the work without rest and she carried all the responsibilities of her family, and she constantly works to keep her relationship alive but what she found in the result. No one will be seen doing a hundred good deeds, but one of her wrong deeds will be seen by all. For that reason everyone makes her feel guilty. If she feels these things after their best work then why does she stay in that relationship? Why a wife lives an unhappy married life.

The presence of her husband’s ex-girlfriend in their marital life.

No one wants to share her partner with anyone else. If you love someone else before marriage and both are in a good relationship with each other. And it’s not bad but after marriage, you are engaged to your ex-girlfriend is wrong. In presence of your wife, you spend your time with her is an injustice to your wife. When a wife needs something from her husband but her husband gives all these things to her ex. This is one type of marital affair.

On every social media site, you and your ex-girlfriend are connected, and chatting every day is not a good sign for your marriage and also for your spouse. when a wife sees that her husband likes his ex’s photos and comments on her selfies gorgeous, beautiful, pretty and so on then she never tolerate it. What does a wife think after watching this? Is she like to stay with him? No, never. She doesn’t seem happy with her marriage. And nowadays, it’s a big issue for an unhappy marriage.

Husband’s bad habit make wives unhappy in their marriage.

A girl dreams of a perfect person for her life, with which she will spend the rest of her life. But after marriage, everything is happening in the opposite of her dreams. And suddenly her dreams are breaking down and also she was breaking down. Slowly she realizes that her husband has a bad addiction and he doesn’t want to change that bad habits. When she knows all these things she cries in her heart which makes her weaker day by day and sometimes she goes into depression because of her husband’s bad habits.

Every drinking alcohol or drugs and returning home with this is a bad manner and it definitely promotes unhappiness and issues in the relationship. Sometimes addiction is also a cause of unhappiness. A wife sometimes tolerates but when she is a mother she never allows these behaviors and activities when he is out of control. Addiction to a good thing that is good for health and the future but bad addiction and doing wrong things make your wife as well as your children unhappy.

Her husband did not take responsibility for their child and neglected them.

A wife is doing her duty 24hrs and she has no rest or no appreciation or no encouragement. It is difficult to raise a young child properly today and a person gets annoyed when she does all the housework as well as the child’s work. Sometimes it happens that she doesn’t even have time for herself that’s why she is looking for your help.

But when she sees that her husband is not interested in her child and he no longer wants to take responsibility for her child then she most of the time feels unhappy in her relationship. She wants that her spouse takes care of her and her children and spend some time with them. And know her children’s wishes, wants, and other needs.

Her husband’s surprising money expenses and hiding the statement.

Sometimes a husband purchased gifts for his wife and he wants to surprise her is a good sign for your marriage. It’s good for your relationship. But more than anything is bad for everyone. If you buy big things for your house and you never conform with your wife that is an emergency or not then it creates a big issue for your family. It creates misunderstandings between the two.

But some people hide their bank statements from their wives and it creates arguments between them. In any case, the wife saw the bank statement then there was turmoil in the family. It’s natural when a wife sees excess expenses on her husband’s credit card and debit cards then she doesn’t tolerate it. If she wants the reasons for this excess expense then she was abused. After all, how is a wife staying happy in her relationship?

Spending more time outside the home with other people than necessary.

Most husbands like to stay outside the home and spend their time with their friends. But it’s unfair to wives. It’s alright that you have a duty and most of the time you spend in the office but in the holidays you must stay at home. Spend time with your family and help her. She waits for your changes but how many days has she waited for you? All days she spends in an unhappy mood.

But your absence makes her feel alone in her marriage and she always finds herself as a single person who took care of herself and her family. And she has a husband who behaves like a selfish person who took care of the things that are essential to him. How long will it last? Nowadays, everyone has a phone and every home has a television which helps you to change your mind. And also helps her to make her child’s entertainment.

Lack of communication and understanding between the two of them.

Communication makes a relationship stronger and it breaks a relationship into little pieces. So it plays a vital role in the marriage. Communication improves understanding in a relationship. At the beginning of marital life, communication is essential for them. Spending together time is also important.

If it’s not possible to spend time together then you both are connected through calls and messages. But the most important thing is your interest and your partner’s interest. In some of the cases, it’s good in the beginning but after a few years their romance fades away and their distance is increased.

If both are not connected and they never share their feelings and their experiences then their relationship gets weak and their living style is separated from each other. These distances make them alone in their life. Their common interest is change and they are feeling hesitant to share their emotions. Both are living a boring life and unhappy life. If they have a kid then the woman is bound to take all responsibility for their child. So as much as possible try to connect.

Fighting over one thing every day.

Many married couples argue about the same issues every day and these things are going so many years but there is no change. If that were her birthright or a childhood habit then she is quite hard to change but she tried. And it is also true that both are feeling sad after the fight. But a husband is going out and spends time with his friends and associates and sometimes if necessary he shares his problems with his dear friend.

But one woman lives at home and thinks about it all the time. If she wants to forget she never does that. So she spends her every time in sorrow. As long as she can stand it, she will try to move the relationship forward.

Every day she tries to avoid such situations and as much as possible she wants to stay away from them and always puts effect to change the situation. But year after year, nothing changes, and finally, she feels that she is unable to change that problem in her relationship. And also she suffers again and again. When it comes to her addiction she has more difficulty to tolerate. Eventually, she will want to get out of the relationship because there is no point in thinking that she is here.

She always feels underappreciated.

Sometimes your little appreciation makes her happy and gives her the energy to do more work. Sometimes she feels like her husband has no interest in her and her family anymore and also she feels that her husband has no more love and affection for her child.

But the first question on my mind is why she felt so? Because she wants your help and appropriation. She spends her whole day with her baby and tries to know what a child wants, likes, dislikes, mentality, behavior, and more her husband has two to three hours to interact with her child but he never does that.

This little thing creates a misunderstanding between the two. And most the husbands exactly don’t know how their wives want to be appreciated. At this point, I can’t help you that you give her some surprising gifts or buckets or kiss her every day, hug her with love and care, and I hope it will work for you. Because wives always want your love and care. So, she feels that you keep appreciating her.

Bottom line from progrowinlife.

A woman is the backbone of the family. The family will be happy if she is happy.If a woman is pleased, her husband will prosper and reach the top of the goal. Try to keep your wife happy and do the work which is best for both and also for your relationship.

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