What kills long distance relationship- 10 things.

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A long distance relationship is an intimate relationship between partners who are physically separated from each other but emotionally strongly connected. Both the partners have less face-to-face contact because they are geographically separated.

Everyone knows that long distance relationship isn’t easy to survive, it’s too hard to maintain and nurture. Couples in an LDR face tremendous challenges that could decrease their love and affection and break off their relationship at any time.

Okay, I know that we have Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Hike, and Skype but these social media or online platforms can never make up for physical presence. Well, no matter what your certain conditions are, we can all accept that long distance relationship is difficult.

What kills your long distance relationship?

long distance relationship

Here is the top 10 things to be skeptical of that could end your long distance relationship, love, affection, and the bonding of emotions.

If there is an unresolved Fight.

When you meet each other daily basis, you are kind of forced to face any issues that lie between the two of you. However, when you are looking forward to those phone calls, it’s simple to push aside big problems, not liking to waste what little time you have together defended… You don’t do this!

Unsettled issues can turn to resentment, and nothing is going to change if you don’t communicate or discuss them. Then you both live an unhappy married life. Do you understand how much it would suck if the eventual separation is caused by a crisis the two of you could have mended months ago instead of overlooking it?

A Less Communication in a long distance relationship.

This one is noticeable. If you’re not with each other always, that good morning and good night messages, Skype dates, or irregular late-night phone calls can make or end your relationship.

Communication is the best way you can make your partner feel that they are still a significant part of your life, and when you stop communicating as often, or if the discussions turn into nothing more than the “How was your day?” or, “How’ve you been?” Then this little thing makes your marriage unhappy and your relationship starts coming down to separate.

Not making time for your partner in your long-distance relationship.

Nowadays everyone is busy and involved in the work so they have not had enough time for their partner is one of the major reasons for a long distance relationship don’t work out, but it’s also the most insensitive. Believe in all things you do in a day, all the people you speak to, the TV serials you watch, the games you play, even the time spent doing completely nothing.

A strong relationship needs compromise and sacrifice, if you can’t put aside one hour of doing one of these things to make your partner feel loved and special to you, then it can’t work out.

Lack of Trust in your long-distance relationship.

In a long distance relationship if you are a person who likely has trust problems, then you believe that long distance relationship is not for you. You want to have a lot of trust in your partner, and this comes to be even more significant and essential if the two of you are staying miles away.

Lack of trust in your relationship or the habit of conducting curiosity all the time can be the main reason behind the break up of any relationship. So learn to build trust in your relationship. Because, in this case, your partner might feel strangled in your company, and no relationship exists in suffocation.

Infrequent Visits in a long distance relationship.

As a beautiful couple, you both are making plans to visit each other, even if it is a month or year away, which is essential. It’s really important to have something to look forward to, instead of concentrating on how long you are separated, you can begin thinking of how incredible it will be to be together again.

Moreover, at some point, you have to make your partner important rather than letting them fade into the knowledge. While it can hard to balance everything going on in your life, if your love and relationship are worth it, then put them first every once in a while. If you don’t, even a strong relationship could deteriorate.

Relationship Comparisons.

Nowadays we are very much socialized through social media and the most common mistake that many couples make is relationship comparison. The grass on the other side always looks greener and some couples want to pertain to this reasoning in even the smallest aspect of their life.

So you always keep one thing in your mind you never compare your relationships with other couples around because you don’t know what’s the painful part of their relationship, they might just be showing the pinky side in front of their friends or on the social media platform. Every relationship has its demands, being sure of the two persons’ characteristics.

You stop trying in your long distance relationship.

After all, the busy day is ending and you take some time, you can blow all of these other things and still be in love. The only thing that can always kill your relationship is when you stop trying. Long distance relationship is difficult, of course, they exist but they’re worth it. Don’t give up and don’t stop trying, make time for your partner when you can.

Never allow only one person I mean your partner in the relationship to do all of the work if you’ve evolved too busy, too abstracted in your life that you’ve forgotten your partner’s necessities, just stop and think that if you haven’t worked out anything to make them happy in a time, then make an effort to do harder. Go surprise them and attend to them.

Using words of contempt.

This comes about when one gets too furious and loses control. Strong feelings take over and tolerance goes out the window. When this occurs, you break away months of years of respect you’ve created and received. Remember your partner’s positive personality. Respect them and verbalize why and how much you do.

Cheating for fun in a long distance relationship.

There are different sayings like “cheating for fun” or “one night stand” and “friends for benefits” etc. have evolved too common seemingly. But, it isn’t cool at all, particularly if you are looking for a long run.

Thus, if you too are making an effort to be cool under your friend’s pressure, or possibly to be a part of the group you are probably associating with, one thing you always remember is that you are killing your relationship. So cheating is cheating, no matter what type of cheating and it is able of killing your relationship, for that matter.

Don’t say lying in your long distance relationship.

This comes to pass when we prefer a different version of the fact to be understood. There’s no such thing as a white lie. Anything we tell that’s not the truth is an untruth. It’s adequate to over-communicate than lie and keep confidences from each other.

When you feel like telling an untruth or withholding information from your partner, think about the outcomes and effects. Ask yourself if the untruth is worth the problem. If the response is yes, ask again, is the lie worth breaking the trust of your partner? Nothing ever is.

Not accepting kills your long distance relationship.

We observed that some people are so adamant that they do not ratify their mistakes. And they can do this at any cost, even at the cost of their relationship and their partner. In these cases, the relationship vanishes.

You want to own what you do, and you should be prepared to reply to your partner in all situations. In most cases, people decline to accept their mistakes, and that is where a relationship is confident to break up.

How to survive a long distance relationship for a long period of time?

long distance relationship

If we say that the distance in a relationship makes hearts grow fonder… Or fonder of someone else.
Certainly, there are more challenges to having a happy and successful relationship when there is a divergence but many couples have been competent to execute it successfully and others can as well. If you are not able to recover then you definitely google and learn how to recover your relationship.

Here are 10 tips for accumulating and strengthening a healthy and happy relationship even when separated by many miles and a long period of time.

You always want something to look forward to together.

One of the things that kill a long distance relationship is the continual basic anxiety of everything. The lengthier you are separated, the more these suspicions and anxieties can develop into valid existential problems.

That’s why when giving rise to any long distance relationship work, it’s important to constantly have some date that you are both looking forward to. Usually, this will be another time you are both able to see each other.

You both make communication optional in your long distance relationship.

A lot of long-distance couples established some rules that they should have X number of calls or that they require to talk every night at a specific time. This strategy may work very well for some people, but in some cases, we found that communication should occur organically.

Communication is obviously significant and essential in any relationship, but just more communication is not ever what’s best for the couple in a long distance relationship, particularly when it’s in a mandatory context.

Ignore jealousy and be trusting in your long distance relationship.

It is simple to let your feelings or opinions run away when you are not together. Do not let desirous questions degrade your relationship. Find ways to quiet your thought. Discuss suspicions that you may have when you are in a good place and understand that these relationships are hard for most people.

You must be slow to judge in your long distance relationship.

When we’re distant or apart from each other or have restricted susceptibility to a person or circumstance, we begin to make all kinds of hypotheses or conclusions that are frequently either unreasonable or else wrong. This can exemplify itself in several ways within a long distance relationship.

In some cases, people get insanely jealous or irrationally selfish because they discern every informal social outing as potentially endangering a relationship.

Discuss together the status of commitment to each other and the relationship.

Have a prolonged conversation about what you expect from yourself and each other in the relationship while you are separated. Some couples understand that they are in the same place when actually they are in different locations, they have just not talked out audible about their disparities. Speculate nothing and discuss everything.

Embrace technology in your long distance relationship.

For a strong and healthy relationship, you text during the day just to let your partner feel that you are thinking about him/ her. Video all when you can so that you can see each other and feel each other. If you are on social media, post images or snapshots of times you all share so that you can recall and continue your obligation to others in your world.

Discuss your future together.

In a long distance relationship, you must plan for vacations, outings, and weekends. A conversation about purposes for yourselves and, if you are wedded or committed for your future as a couple. Plan for when you will be married in the future. Talk about your baby planning and their future. So many things that you have planned for your future.

Find ways to be a happy and healthy person if you are not together.

You both do not wait to be together to enjoy your life. You should know that relationships don’t make people happy. People themselves are happy and healthy. Pleased people are more entertaining to be around. Find paths to make yourself comfortable and enjoy your life so that you have optimistic energy to participate when you engage or are together.

Share loving and positive feelings every day with your partner.

In healthy and happy relationships, there are 5 positives for every one negative. Find ways to contribute to the formula. You both are encouraged by your partner for sharing your love and positive thoughts for him/her. So that your conflict rate decreased day by day.

You must be open and honest about your struggles.

You always be clear and honest about your struggles and efforts with being separated while also honoring that you do not like your partner to feel immoral about the divergence. Make sure that is only a very little part of your discussions with each other.

You should not be afraid to express your interests and struggles with being apart. It may be that you two can listen to it as another way of a proposal to problem-solve how to make modifications.

How to stay emotionally connected in a long distance relationship?

long distance relationship

Here, no one likes being apart from the person they love. A long distance relationship can be challenging, but they aren’t ridiculous. In fact, a long distance relationship can be even more powerful and healthy than those where partners live near each other. And it’s really easier to make it work than you might think.

To assist you do it, we’ve put together a list of tips and techniques you can use to live close and emotionally attached to your partner despite the distance that separates you.

1. You sometimes surprise your partner with a love letter.

2. You set up actual date nights.

3. Sometimes you send each other gifts.

4. You also talk about boring details

5. Sometimes remind each other why you’re apart.

6. Regularly remember what you love about the relationship.

7. You both are open about your thoughts and feelings for each other.

8. You must be sure to make regular communication a priority.

9. You try to be there even when you can’t be there.

10. Avoid a secure attachment by supporting each other’s concerns.

11. You find a way to associate together while apart.

12. You both respect the reason why you’re apart.

13. You should learn how to address important issues both remotely and in person.

14. When the time is right, build a long-term plan for integrating your worlds.

15. Focus on the positive aspects of long-distance.

16. You find your emotional intimacy by asking deeper questions.

17. You make an effort to stay in melody with your partner’s surroundings.

18. You share in each other’s self-care ceremonies.

19. You fun of double-dating… Even if via Skype.

20. A healthy, fulfilling relationship is about quality over convenience.

21. You have some friendly game.

22. You live stream something crazy.

23. And, get flexible with toys.

24. And in the relationship, there’s always…texting.

25. Sometimes they start a new project together.

26. But don’t disregard the mundane.

27. You don’t ignore intimacy.

28. You both take up a hobby together.

29. You treat every holiday as a vacation.

30. Feeling blameless in each other’s lives.

When to let go of a long distance relationship?

It’s difficult to point out the actual moment when it’s time to let go of your long distance relationship. When relationships don’t work, they are inclined to worsen over time. One moment you both are happy and in love with each other and the next time you live in a relationship full of controversies and assertions. At this point, you can either try to rebuild your relationship or let it go and move on.

But it’s not simple to let go of someone with whom you shared so many beautiful moments of your life. So you may live together, even when your long distance relationship doesn’t work properly.

You might make an effort to make your relationship work even if you are not feeling it anymore. Or maybe you are worried about being alone or you don’t know how to deal with the emptiness that your partner will leave in your life.

1. If your emotions change communicate them to your partner and make a decision together.

2. If you’ve had enough and just prefer to end the relationship, there’s a right and the wrong way to do it.

In a nutshell, it’s time to let go of your long distance relationship when it no longer participates or takes part in your life and well-being.

If you are feeling at an intersection with your relationship, the first step is to comprehend what’s wrong. Use your sense to understand better what is good for you and for your relationship and what isn’t. Once you specify and know the exact problems in your relationship, you will be prepared to find the best way onward.

When you feel the following then it’s better to let go…

1. When there is a constant suspicion.

2. When your romance faded away.

3. When you feel too many changes in your relationship as well as in your partner.

4. When there is no romance.

5. When you feel that your partner side has no effort.

6. When your relationship is taking over life.

7. If your relationship has no future.

8. When there is a fear of letting go.

9. If your relationship has a game of chasing.

10. When your relationship has too many temptations.

11. If you feel stifled in your relationship.

12. When there are too many differences.

13. When your partner has few visits.

14. When toxicity creeps in.

15. When you feel anxiety and distress in your relationship.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

Building a relationship with someone is easy but continuity is so difficult. It may be long distance relationship or staying together. All depend on both the partners. Always try to maintain and nurture properly. Long-distance relationship couples are also happy in their life and remember one thing all the things depend on your mindset and the depth of your love and understanding.

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