8 Most innocent zodiac signs who have clean hearts.

Are you know what are the most innocent zodiac signs?

According To Astrologers, there is a lot of negative stigma around being innocent these days.

Whenever someone calls someone else “innocent” there seems to be an instantaneous feeling of being insulted, as if being innocent is the same as being dumb, incompetent, or gullible.

Similarly, no one wants to be called innocent, either but is it so wrong to be called innocent?

The opposite of the word innocent can be anything from shady and crooked to being phony and a fiber.

Being an innocent person really just means the person is fearless, to be truthful, and vulnerable and it has nothing to do with their intellect level, as so many people think.

And if someone is honest, we can all list off more than a few zodiac signs who are coming under the most innocent zodiac signs list, according to astrology.

The most innocent zodiac signs are the ones who never want to think badly of anyone because they tend to believe that every single person is naturally good and kind. And that’s how they try to be themselves.

They’re also the type of zodiac people who tend to see the glass as half full and are always peeking at the luminous side of things.

Of course, there are some people out there who catch this type of innocence as something to take benefit of, which is likely why so many innocent zodiac signs are seen as stupid or too innocent of others.

But, being an innocent person is by no means a bad thing, so don’t feel bad about it.

Most To Least Innocent Zodiac Signs.

Here we described all the reasons it may be positive or negative but valuable and these secrets make a person’s innocent nature.

So, keep reading till the end to find out how much you are innocent and what your zodiac sign says about your innocence.

Every zodiac sign has a different reason which makes them innocent and some are not innocent for a specific reason not

So here we describe all the positive and negative reasons for all the zodiac signs according to astrology, by horoscope date.

Most Innocent Zodiac Signs.

In this list, the top 8 zodiac signs are most innocent in their way but it doesn’t mean that they do not do anything wrong because mistakes are part of life.

Let’s start to read this article till the end and get more and more amazing information here that may surprise you.

Aries. (March 21 – April 19)

most honest zodiac sign and the top most innocent zodiac signs
most honest zodiac sign and the top most innocent zodiac signs

The star sign Aries is the first zodiac sign of the zodiac list, which simply means it’s also the baby.

Because it has such a fresh, natural, and innocent way of thinking, it’s usually tagged as naive or childish.

These Aries zodiacs may gain the things easily that are dreams for others by their innocence but they don’t do that.

While this Aries zodiac person can be childlike at moments but opt to be overbearing and can be irritable when she or he doesn’t get her or his way.

Definitely, this Aries zodiac doesn’t let that make her or him look foolish because of their fear of failure or being insulted in front of others.

Aries zodiac people’s innocence comes from choosing to always be themselves, no matter what the condition or problem is.

They would somewhat be candid about the type of person they are rather than being sneaky, shady, or telling an untruth to get their way.

They know that their authoritative personality can get them what they desire just as much as being sneaky, and they’d rather cling to their innocent way of dealing with things.

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Cancer.(June 21 – July 22)

The zodiac sign Cancer is the 3rd zodiac sign on the zodiac list and the second zodiac of the list of most innocent zodiac signs.

And the representative symbol of Cancer is the crab which is always hiding under her protective shell.

But they have a soft netherworld that defines just how vulnerable and innocent they can be.

Like crabs these Cancer zodiac people won’t always show others their vulnerable side, choosing preferably to use their hoofs on anyone who gets too close to them.

And anyone who understands these Cancer zodiac people well enough knows that this is just a front for their security.

And more, this Cancer zodiac person is most innocent in love and relationship because of their home seek nature and familiar personality.

They are the type of zodiac sign who would relatively be blissfully innocent in love than have to bother about all the facts that can come with it.

For some people, this soft part and innocent nature might look way too hard to do, but the Cancer zodiac person is surprisingly very good at it.

You may call them crazy people, but you can’t deny that they have this innocent love thing down pat.

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Virgo. (August 23 – September 22)

The zodiac sign Virgo is one of those zodiac signs that take things at face value and for that, it comes to the list of most innocent zodiac signs.

These zodiac people always try to be as genuine, real, and upfront as they possibly can because that’s just the type of person they are.

They aren’t innocent by any stretch of the word they live, but they can still do many works or things with purity and honesty.

This Virgo zodiac person is also what could be considered a “best person”. Sometimes they act rudely but it is not defined that they are frauds.

They’re not the kind of individuals to go out of their way to insurgent or do things just because they know it’s wrong for them.

They might not always be the most innocent zodiac sign of astrology, but they definitely try to be good when they can.

And their innocent nature is most seen in their personality and this astrological zodiac is the third most innocent zodiac sign on the list of the top 5 most innocent zodiac signs.

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Capricorn. (December 22 – January 19)

Capricorn is not only the most innocent zodiac sign but also the most honest zodiac sign of astrology.

And only because they’re so honest and sincere about it they come to the 4th position of the most to least innocent zodiac signs list.

And these Capricorn zodiac people will know that they won’t always get along with everyone and won’t always put up with the high road in life, but at least they’re honest about their innocence.

The negative side of these Capricorn zodiacs is that they can be very impatient, particularly when they really want something for them.

But instead, they try to play the innocent card and get the target person on their good side. Exactly they are showing their innocent side to gain sympathy.

They’ll show everyone that they’re a force to be inferred with and that they’ll do whatever it takes to come out on top.

Overall, these people are a little bad and they are well-played in the game of life.

They never hurt anyone unnecessarily and this positivity proves that they are the most innocent zodiac signs.

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Taurus. (April 20 – May 20)

most childlike zodiac sign and 5th most innocent zodiac signs
most childlike zodiac signs and 5th most innocent zodiac signs

In the astrological world, the zodiac sign Taurus is the 2nd zodiac but in a specific category of the most innocent zodiac signs, this Taurus comes to the 5th position.

Taurus zodiac people never like to be known as the zodiac sign that a person can’t be sure of because of their innocent nature.

Especially, these zodiac people spend a lot of their time making themselves very real, genuine, and down-to-earth people whom anyone can come to for anything.

And mostly these Taurus zodiacs are very careful and conscious in everything they do, so what a person sees is what they get with them.

This Taurus is the most savage zodiac sign and these people’s innocence comes from their open honesty and childlike behavior.

There will never be a time when an unknown person or their close person is around this Taurus zodiac and they feel like they don’t know whom they’re with.

Their proficiency to let their true selves glow through everything they do is what makes them most innocent.

In the case of friendship, love, relationship, and life, this zodiac sign Taurus is really innocent, real, truthful, forgiving, and safe.

Their innocent shows on their face and anyone can easily take help or assistance from them.

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Sagittarius. (November 22 – December 21)

This is the 9th zodiac sign on the zodiac list and surprisingly they occupy the 6th position of the most innocent zodiac signs list.

The Sagittarius zodiac person does many works or things blindly I mean just flying by the seat of her or his pants and moving from one thing to the following.

For them, this is the ultimate way not only the easy way to live their life, they actually do not with a bunch of obligations and responsibilities hanging over their head.

Their way of living may sound like a nice way to live, but it’s really just Sagittarius’ way of proving that they are really innocent and sometimes may not be innocent.

This flaky behavior of this zodiac person doesn’t really mean much to Sagittarius, but to everyone else making an effort to make programs with them and get them to commit to something.

It’s just irritating to know that they’re not always who they say they are and yes, they may behave like one of the most hated zodiac signs but they are not like that.

The main thing they always keep their mind is to stay away from any conflicts or complicated situations and spend an easygoing life with their near and dear ones.

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most to least dirty-minded zodiac signs.
most to least wrong minded zodiac signs. (most innocent zodiac signs)

Pisces. (February 19 – March 20)

The zodiac sign Pisces is the most colorful and romantic and it is the 12th zodiac on the zodiac list.

But this Pisces is the zodiac sign that is truly innocent in love, and their innocence isn’t purposeful.

And it is true that these zodiac people are dreamy, “out there” sign that doesn’t really waste most of their time thinking about the matters that don’t worry them.

They would much rather do everything they can to take pleasure in all that life has to propose as innocently as possible than let themselves bother about things they can’t handle.

Pisces zodiac people’s innocence can usually be misunderstood as naivete because they spend so much time with their heads in the clouds.

They might already know all of this, but they also know that their innocence isn’t really harming anyone.

So there’s no reason for them to act like someone they’re not just so they aren’t tagged as innocent and naive.

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most innocent zodiac signs
most innocent zodiac signs

Aquarius. (January 20 – February 18)

Aquarius zodiac people are not as innocent as they look, but they do hide their not-so-innocent side very well.

They’re the type of zodiac sign who can show one side of themselves to some people and another side of themselves to others.

And many people get confused that which side is real and which side is fake, but that’s just the way they like it.

They have innocent face and that’s the best Gidgift for them which openly show that they are very innocent and clean-minded people.

But remember one thing some innocent-looking people are not innocent and rude-looking people are exactly not rude.

Wait a minute because they don’t get them wrong, Aquarius zodiac people are very open and friendly people, but they also put up their innocent side when they want to save themselves.

These zodiac people really don’t like people poking into their life and will act to be more innocent than they really are just to throw others off their trail a little bit sneaky.

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Libra. (September 23 – October 22)

All Libra zodiac people ever want in life is love and harmony and they want this more because of their ruling planet and astrological elements.

They’ll go to any extent to achieve their love and balance for a happy life that’s why they come to the least part of the most innocent zodiac signs category.

These Libra zodiac people might look innocent on the outside, and people do mistakes to believe their outer innocent look.

But inside the Libras, their brain is working overtime to make sure that they can float through life without disturbing the waters.

In reality, these Libra zodiac people can be very manipulative and diplomatic because they want everything to be perfect and fair all the time.

They’re willing to manipulate people in every situation and at any cost, they manipulate in their favor which is not a sign of innocent.

So this zodiac is the top zodiac on zodiac sign that looks innocent but isn’t in a simple meaning that is the most wrong minded zodiac sign.

Luckily for them, their not-so-innocent behavior is not-so-obvious, so they’re able to get away with almost anything they want.

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Most innocent zodiac signs and most honest zodiac signs
Most innocent zodiac signs and most honest zodiac signs

Gemini. (May 21 – June 20)

This Gemini zodiac sign is the 3rd zodiac from the top side of the zodiac world but the 3rd position from the bottom on the most to least innocent zodiac signs list.

The astrological sign Gemini is not the most innocent zodiac sign and there are many reasons behind its innocence.

This zodiac is the least innocent especially when they’re being two-faced, which is most dangerous than an angry zodiac person.

They aren’t the twins of astrology for nothing! Their hypocritical mindset about almost everything isn’t just tiring out, it’s also very frustrating to deal with.

Gemini zodiac people also have a problem with lying or twisting the truth for their benefit and making others shameful or corrupted.

They just want people to like them, but that doesn’t make it any less of a problem when they repeatedly change their fake story to make themselves look like the good and real guys.

All of this dishonesty and manipulation is as anti-innocent as you can get from these Gemini zodiac people.

This quality takes these people on the list of the most hated zodiac signs and stays away from these zodiac people.

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Leo. (July 23 – August 22)

The zodiac sign Leo is another one of those zodiac signs that is a force to be inferred with.

When these Leo zodiac people set their eyes on a new goal, there is nothing and no one can steer them away from it.

They also know that it’s much better to be known as the zodiac sign who’s cutthroat than the one who uses their innocence to manipulate people.

Leo zodiac people are anti-innocence comes of the aggressive way they do a lot of things and that wrong step makes their life hail.

Don’t take it on wrong, Leo zodiac people are incredibly kind-hearted and heroic, but that doesn’t make them any more innocent.

They still go after whatever they want in their life, even if that means being a little more fierce or forceful and a little less innocent about it.

These zodiac people most of the time play mind games and that is not a symbol of innocence.

If necessary they use their power (it may be physical, financial, economic, or political) which is always wrong.

After all, these zodiac people are very lazy but they like the spotlight which is quite impossible for them to fulfill their desires.

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Most to least innocent zodiac signs as per astrologers.
Most to least innocent zodiac signs as per astrologers. (most innocent zodiac signs)

Scorpio. (October 23 – November 21)

Scorpio zodiac people hate opening up to others unless they know that they won’t rule on them or make them feel uneasy.

This zodiac is the least innocent zodiac sign and there is more than one reason which makes them the least innocent.

These Scorpio zodiac people never trust others easily and most of the time behave selfishly which is totally the opposite of innocent.

And even then, there’s a reasonable chance they’ll keep their business to themselves anyway, even if you are really close to them.

They are not at all innocent because of this, and they don’t even try to hide why they show or hide it’s all about their mental game.

Mostly, Scorpio zodiac people are confidential and manipulative behavior to shake people off their trial is what makes them one of the least innocent zodiac signs out there.

If they were more upfront about how being truthful makes them feel vulnerable, that would be a separate story that builds their different image.

But completely knowing Scorpio zodiac people that will never happen for others and overall they have complicated personalities.

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Bottom Line From Progrowinlife.

You are here means you cover all the points and now there are also some questions on your mind that why your zodiac is at the bottom of the most innocent zodiac signs list.

Don’t be worried because God gives you some other qualities which make you the best person. So take it easy and focus on your work and personality.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What zodiac signs are honest?

The most honest zodiac signs are also the most innocent zodiac signs, here we describe the most to least honest zodiac signs below:
1. Virgo.
2. Taurus.
3. Aquarius.
4. Cancer.
5. Scorpio.
6. Leo.
7. Sagittarius.
8. Aries.
9. Pisces.
10. Capricorn.
11. Libra.
12. Gemini.

What zodiac signs are innocent?

The most innocent zodiac signs are listed below (from least to most).
1. Aries.
2. Cancer.
3. Virgo.
4. Capricorn.
5. Taurus.
6. Sagittarius.
7. Pisces.
8. Aquarius.
9. Libra.
10. Gemini.
11. Leo.
12. Scorpio.

Which zodiac sign is not to be trusted?

The zodiac sign Libra always comes at the bottom of the most trusting zodiac signs list.
These zodiac people have two faces and the most diplomatic personality carry. So you never think that these people are one of the most trusted people.

What is the peaceful zodiac sign?

The most peaceful zodiac signs are not the one which is based on a hundred percent of accuracy because there are different reasons behind their peaceful nature or personality.
If we said that Libra is the most peaceful zodiac sign then it may be right because these people want to balance so they deal peacefully with everything.
And The zodiac sign Cancer is also the most peaceful zodiac sign because these people mainly focus on their life families and happiness with them so they never want big things in life, which is indicate that they are peaceful people.

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