10 most emotional zodiac signs according to astrology.

Every zodiac sign has the quality that they must come to the list of most emotional zodiac signs.

Every zodiac sign has emotions but some shows this and some are not. But we never judge them by their external appearance.

Do you know someone who has been scarcely hurt in the past and they are emotionally depressed?

Here are the characteristics of every emotional person that will assist you to figure out them generously.

Getting to know and understand someone is really difficult and sometimes impossible, and it’s even harder when that person is emotionally hurt.

They’re the type who puts obstacles around themselves and that borders so high that it appears as if you’ll never get to know what furs behind them.

They have lost their confidence in people and be located with low enthusiasm as well as their self-esteem.

Loving and caring for someone with these traits can be very hard, although even an erratic and emotional person deserves love.

Top 10 most emotional zodiac signs.

This list is completely based on astrology and these zodiac signs are not only emotional but also have the power how to control their emotions.

1. Cancer.

most sensitive zodiac signs
most sensitive zodiac signs

Many things in the Cancer zodiac people’s natal chart put this zodiac sign at the top place of the list of most emotional zodiac signs.

The first thing in this zodiac sign is the cardinal water sign, which means it connects to the world by sense and it is the strength and weakness of this zodiac sign.

The second one is Moon is the ruling planet of the Cancer zodiac sign, which illustrates the inner self and deep emotions.

As such, logic and justification are the third thing to their deep emotions and intuitions.

While some other people see this emotion as a weakness, it’s actually the Cancer zodiac people’s powerful suit.

These people have the ability to truly connect with themselves, which permits them to associate well with other people.

It may take Cancer zodiac people several years to get a hold of their feelings.

But in a simple sense, these people’s intentions make zero sense, usually allowing their desires and wishes to take over.

However, when Cancer zodiac people get hurt more than their limits, they are definitely complainers but they are not the type of person who hurts others intentionally.

In difference, a highly sophisticated Cancer zodiac person is a master of his or her sentiments or feelings.

These people can do stone-cold cliffs or even convince others to join their cause and bring in together.

Overall, they are really the zodiac person who is at the top of the most emotional zodiac signs list.

2. Pisces.

What are the three most emotional zodiac signs
What are the three most emotional zodiac signs

Pisces zodiac people are known for their colorfulness. It may be the twelfth position of the zodiac list but accrue the second place of the most emotional zodiac signs.

If there’s one thing a Pisces zodiac person is very good at, it’s feeling every and any sentiment.

In fact, this Pisces zodiac people are so good at connecting or sharing their own feelings and empathizing with others that it’s sometimes contemplated psychic.

These zodiac people are empathic to such an extent they usually bewilder their own feelings with those of people around them.

What’s more about Pisces zodiac people? Pisces people are always entertained by their emotions because they are very open and never feel necessary to hide.

These people explore their feelings constantly and are very fast to forgive and forget, even if it’s dangerous to themselves and this type of personality may take them to put in problems.

A Pisces zodiac person is an emotionally charged event like a sponge soaking up everyone else’s pain and making them feel relaxed.

If you can hope they bring the waterworks at any funeral or graduation, even if they’re hardly attached to the person who is being praised.

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3. Aries.

Top 3 most emotional zodiac signs
Top 3 most emotional zodiac signs

The zodiac sign Aries is the first sign of the zodiac list and has a “me first” ethos to match.

These zodiac people are highly emotional, passionate, carefree, and also most emotional inside and they are not like others who share little things with others without any hesitation.

This zodiac sign will leap into the flames just to satiate their desires, and no one knows about their positive or negative feelings.

These zodiac people are extremely unexpected or surprising, doing whatever they like and living in the moment they want to live.

When their capriciousness is hampered or someone is opposed to their ideas or thinkings, those born under this Aries zodiac sign can easily become hot-headed and worried.

Fortunately, Aries zodiac people can also use its emotiveness for good purposes, not for themselves but for their close ones.

They can conduct one hundred percent of their powers and energy on things they’re passionate about, so you can imagine their determination to bring success.

Aries zodiac people are masters of using their emotions or feelings (both positive and negative emotions) to fuel their goal of superiority, whatever that means.

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4. Scorpio.

Top five most emotional zodiac signs
Top five most emotional zodiac signs

Unsurprisingly, the most emotional zodiac signs on our list are the three water elementary signs because these elements have the power to easily connect with others.

These top three water elementary signs are Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio zodiac signs, and they are thought to be the most emotional because they’re connected with deep feelings and instincts.

All these top three zodiac signs have the same element in their zodiacs and are in touch with their feelings and most likely to communicate them willingly and sincerely.

But the thing that matters enough is these people express their emotions in a unique and different way. They must share their feelings with others and there is no doubt about it

For example, the Scorpio zodiac sign is known for being passionate and fierce because this zodiac person can be very fast to anger, but they’re also faithful and defensive of those they care about most.

Scorpio zodiacs tend to be more confident with their feelings, but when they do open up, it’s usually because they trust the person they’re sharing all the things with.

When they feel negative emotions from their close ones or the person they trust most they tend to become self-destructive and sabotage important relationships.

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5. Virgo.

most emotional intelligent zodiac signs
most emotionally intelligent zodiac signs

Virgo zodiac people’s sensitivity is higher than it seems. It means they never keep emotions first in their life.

Despite their intense self-criticism, Virgo zodiacs usually fail at an assignment or make wrong judgments.

These zodiac people are pretty fast to accuse themselves and they are showing rudeness to others.

However, on the other hand, they are aware of their preferences and will make every effort to see that their fantasies and ambitions are acknowledged.

Another reason why Virgo zodiac people are on the list of the most emotional zodiac signs is that these zodiacs are very obvious about trusting others.

So, when someone cheats on them, these zodiac people feel like rounding up at a crossroads.

There is no surprise that these people are utterly sensitive to other zodiac people but these people need clarity in everything.

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6. Sagittarius.

least to most emotional zodiac signs
least to most emotional zodiac signs

A known party creature, the Sagittarius zodiac sign is hasty, enthusiastic, and thoughtful and those characteristics can sometimes lead to passionate explosions.

This zodiac sign is irresponsible in dealing with its emotions and fluctuation is the name of the game for Sagittarius.

In a shot, these zodiac people can go from exhilarating to irritating and all this is extremely valid when they’re trying to achieve one of their many goals and can’t.

After that, they’ll be running in circles with their emotions all over the place which makes them frustrated.

It doesn’t mean that they are selfish but they care for others and themselves, and they want to do something.

After all, these zodiac people are comes under the 5 most emotional zodiac signs, and as human beings emotions are common and everyone carries them.

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7. Capricorn.

most to least emotional zodiac signs
most to least emotional zodiac signs

No doubt that Capricorn is very hard-working but it doesn’t mean that these zodiac people are very emotional.

This workaholic, straightforward earth sign isn’t sincerely emotional, but it does have an energetic inner world.

These Capricorn zodiac people tend to overthink all difficult situations which can lead them to bother and disturbed.

And the cold exterior covers their emotional openness and their dearest family members and close friends are usually the only ones who see their emotional side.

However, even these close relatives may have to nag a Capricorn zodiac person again and again to understand their real feelings on an issue.

But these zodiac people are also counted as the most emotional zodiac signs and the problem is they avoid emotional situations.

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8. Taurus.

Top 10 most emotional zodiac signs
Top 10 most emotional zodiac signs

Taurus zodiac people are well known for their quality of being the best problem solver because they know how to solve problems easily.

If we said about their emotions then these zodiac people are very soft and more care about others than themselves.

Their helpful side is mostly hidden because they don’t like to disclose their emotions or feelings to others.

When someone won’t listen to or avoid what they are saying or recommending, then Taurus zodiac people will back down and leave them alone.

Like Leo, these zodiac people also want undivided attention from others; especially from their close ones.

These people are very slow but steady and never give up or leave someone in the way but they want others to listen to them first, without concluding.

The most emotional zodiac signs are listed based on the emotions and feelings inside each zodiac sign.

This Taurus person is very emotional and both positive and negative emotions are automatically shown on their face.

These people are hurt a lot because they are loyal and never think about cheating or betraying. They are also very emotional.

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9. Libra.

most emotional zodiac signs ranked
most emotional zodiac signs ranked

These zodiac people are known for their balanced quality and diplomatic nature. That’s the reason they are showing more emotion than they feel.

Because of their inability to make a judgment, these people are listed on most emotional zodiac signs.

Libra zodiac people shall reflect upon every problem and consider every possible consequence before coming to a well-thought-out conclusion.

Therefore, these zodiac people take an unrehearsed effort with extreme announcements.

And if something goes out of their agenda, they snuggle up in a corner and feel desolate and unhappy.

Because of their diplomatic personality, these zodiacs play a hard time keeping their feelings under control.

Not just this, people can smoothly figure out when Libra zodiacs are sad or resentful, particularly when they are emotionally hurt or sore with someone.

Even though they try hard to suppress their feelings inside their heart, their anxiety and dissatisfaction demonstrate clearly.

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10. Leo.

most emotional zodiac signs reddit
most emotional zodiac signs Reddit

We all know that these Leo zodiac people are very egoistic and self-centered and they need to be in the spotlight.

These zodiac people are sensitive and very emotional but not always only in situations that affect their near and dear ones.

Emotional feelings usually involve self-awareness and acceptance of their weaknesses and powers, but Leo’s zodiac just doesn’t have that.

And the know-it-all zodiac sign is incredibly assured and confident about themselves and their feelings.

If we said these people are usually not thinking about others but “me and my” thinking, so they easily cross the road and achieve the goal.

When it comes to their family, friends, or relatives they are very emotional and their emotions also show on their work and face.

And they do what their near and dear ones want from them, so they come to the list of most emotional zodiac signs.

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Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

These above listed most emotional zodiac signs are very much emotional but it doesn’t mean that other zodiac signs are not emotional.

Emotion is the basis of every living animal so every zodiac sign and each zodiac people are emotional.

It may differ from one zodiac sign to another zodiac sign and all these things happen because of their ruling plants and zodiac elements.

If you found your zodiac signs on the top five most emotional zodiac signs list then there is no doubt that you are emotional.

And if you found yourself at the bottom of the list it means you are very much emotional but you never like to show others.

According to astrology all the qualities (both positive and negative), nature, personality, and everything is based on their zodiac signs.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What zodiac sign is more emotional?

There is no surprise that the zodiac sign Cancer is one of the most emotional zodiac signs.
This zodiac sign is represented by the Crab and ruled by the planet moon which influences their ruling zodiac sign Cancer.

What zodiac sign is emotional and sensitive?

Pisces‘ zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Neptune and the element of this zodiac sign is water, which clearly indicates that these zodiac signs are most sensitive and emotional.

Which signs are more sensitive?

According to astrologers, these 4 zodiac signs are more sensitive.
1. Pisces.
2. Cancer.
3. Libra.
4. Aquarius.

These zodiac signs tend to process things on a very deep level.

Which zodiac sign is emotionally strong?

These 6 zodiac signs are emotionally strong and they never show others their pain and suffering.
1. Taurus.
2. Scorpio.
3. Aquarius.
4. Aries.
5. Libra.
6. Cancer.

These 6 zodiac signs are very sensitive but very strong, they have the power how to smile outside and feel sad inside.

Which zodiac sign feels the most pain?

Cancer is the zodiac sign which feels the most pain. This zodiac sign is very compassionate, empathetic, and healing.

Which zodiac sign cries the most?

These 5 zodiac signs are the biggest crybabies which are cries in little issues.
1. Cancer.
2. Aquarius.
3. Pisces.
4. Libra.
5. Leo.

What are the most to least emotional zodiac signs?

Here you found the complete list of the most to least emotional zodiac signs, according to astrology because all zodiac signs are fully influenced by their ruling planet and zodiac elements.
1. Cancer.
2. Pisces.
3. Aries.
4. Scorpio.
5. Virgo.
6. Sagittarius.
7. Capricorn.
8. Taurus.
9. Libra.
10. Leo.
11. Gemini.
12. Aquarius.

What are the most unemotional zodiac signs?

There is no doubt that every zodiac signs are emotional because we are living animals so it’s natural to carry emotions.
But the matter is the level of emotions because it differs from one to the other. By the way, these two zodiac signs are less emotional because of their freakiness. So we never listed these signs on the most unemotional zodiac signs.
1. Gemini.
2. Aquarius.

What are the three most emotional zodiac signs?

The top 3 most emotional zodiac signs are the three water elementary signs because this water element is very close to earth means emotions.
There three most emotional zodiac signs are listed below for your knowledge :
1. Cancer.
2. Pisces.
3. Scorpio.

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