Leo Compatibility with 12 zodiac signs both best and worst.

You need to know the fifth zodiac sign Leo Compatibility with 12 zodiac signs in love, relationship, friendship, romance, and communication.

And in addition, you also need to know about Leo’s personality traits, career, and money management.

In the zodiac sign list, Leo (July 22 – August 23) is in the fifth position and it is represented by the lion.

A fixed fire sign ruled by the sun, and it is called Simha in Vedic Astrology. That’s why they have an energy that is glamorous, courageous, and bold.

Here we are driving into the Leo compatibility with others and also exploring how this zodiac sign approaches life, love, friendship, career, and more.

Leo Personality.

These people tend to be full of primal, creative energy. This is a sign that epitomizes the fire that lives within all human beings.

The sun is the ruler of Leo who teaches everyone to know the bright sign.

In the astrologer’s language, the sun embodies the power, strength, energy, and essential life force that powers all planets.

Whereas the moon fills with light only some things, the sun shines upon everything, and it gives us energy and light in the lifecycle.

Leo personality traits.

The zodiac sign of Leo always wants to see and be noticed, just like its ruler sun that rules all the planets.

Because of the sun, these Leo personality people are always associated with visibility, attention, boldness, liberality, and ingenious motivations.

And Lion is the symbol of Leo and it also tells the same. Lion is the king of the jungle because of his vicious courage and natural regality.

It’s all about attention i.e. the providing and receiving of sunshine, power, and fuel. But overall the traits of Leo are listed here to make it easy to know about Leo traits.

Leo Positive Traits.

Leo is always perceived as being self-centered like the sun sits at the center of the solar system.

These people create time for helping others and remembering that the world doesn’t revolve around them is a good idea for the zodiac sign.

Leos would do their best to make sure they’re resting, calming down, relaxing, and refreshing as required.

Here we listed some positive traits of Leo which give you hints about Leo’s personality.

  • Courageous.
  • Confident.
  • Spirited.
  • Intelligent.
  • Clever.
  • Helpful.
  • Royal.
  • Ambitious.

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Leo Negative Traits.

We all know that everything has a positive and negative side. And Leo has some negative traits.

These people can easily hurt feelings if they feel they’re not getting sufficient attention from the people they wanted.

And below we listed the shadow side of this zodiac sign and its stamina and glow.

  • Dominant.
  • Susceptible.
  • Fierce.
  • Aggressive.
  • Overconfident.
  • Disturbed.
  • Tempted.
  • Annoyed.

Leo Compatibility in Love and Relationship.

Lion is the sign of Lio who always wants to be a famous person in every field. They also want to feel great in love and relationship.

These people always want to be the center of their partners’ world and undivided attention in different ways.

And in the case of typical Leo, they will also center their partner as a result, leaving everyone in the relationship feeling noticed.

As with all fire signs, Leos prefer relationships where they feel excited, passionate, and fascinated. Keeping things romantic and wild in the bedroom is non-negotiable.

Even though they may be known for public displays of love and attention, Leos also maintain compassion, belief, responsibility, and commitment behind the scenes.

So above all, the zodiac sign lions or Leos are devoted, faithful, adventurous, heroic, and generous partners.

Leo compatibility with others
Leo compatibility with others

Leo Compatibility in Friendship.

Commonly, the Leo zodiac sign is the spirit of the group, and they need a large number of friend group that makes them feel more like an audience.

Leo rules the soul and courage, and a wonderful gift of this sign is being able to light up a room and encourage everyone in it.

The amazing part of Leo’s personality is There is an element of worship in everything Leo does.

The zodiac sign Lions can discover the ingredients of people that are worth holding in high appreciation and make them feel important and unique.

Leos people want this same kind of attention that they gave others in return, so be sure to let your Lion friends know how special they are to you and your group.

Leo compatibility with other zodiac signs.

There are no absolutes when it comes to compatibility based on astrology, but Leos manage to gravitate toward denizens who can make them feel seen and given attention to.

Here we listed all zodiac signs, some of them are most compatible and some are incompatible signs in love and relationship.

Naturally, the most compatible signs for Leo relationships and romantic connections are fellow fire signs as they’ll fit their fascination and warmth.

And air signs also have emotional, vibrant, and fast-paced energy and could work well for a Leo for a successful relationship.

Leo compatibility with Aries.

Aries is the first zodiac sign of the zodiac list, and the cardinal fire sign trine with Leo, which means Aries is four signs apart from Leo.

This can make for one of the most organic, passionate, and well-matched pairings in the zodiac.

Both fire signs are runners and explorers who are navigated to make great activities to ensure their ambitious imaginations become a reality.

And both are also competitive and like to move through life fast. So Leo and Aries compatibility are super for a batter and healthy relationship.

However, their similarity creates problems because they can both be domineering and set on calling the shots.

That’s why they’ll need to learn how to take turns to ensure peace and romance.

Leo compatibility with Taurus.

Taurus is the second zodiac sign of the zodiac and it is the fixed earth sign, and Leo is square, or three signs apart from the zodiac Taurus, which can be a challenging but potentially activating angle.

Both fixed fire signs are endlessly faithful to their nearest and dearest persons and value their comfort, satisfaction, luxury, and safety.

But their shared fixed personality means that while neither has trouble being resolute, they’re also both competent to excavate their heels in, refusing to budge once they’ve taken a perspective.

Deficient flexibility and the willingness and ability to compromise, these two signs that could find that obstinance takes a toll on a heartfelt bond.

So the Taurus and Leo compatibility is not good enough for a happy and healthy long-term relationship.

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Leo compatibility with Gemini.

Gemini is the third zodiac sign on the zodiac list and Leo is a textile, or two signs apart from Gemini, from mutable air Gemini, which makes for a genuine, balanced, and romantic connection.

The Lion and the Gemini share a natural friskiness, interest, favorable outlook, and craving for socializing.

They could run into problems when it comes to communicating their feelings, as mentally-charged, Mercury-ruled Gemini tends to intellectualize their sentiments while Leo lets their heart lead the way.

But while Gemini’s analytical brain could sometimes conflict with Leo’s intention to just go for it, this pair can be an adventurous, communicative couple.

Leo compatibility with Cancer.

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign on the zodiac list and Leo is one sign apart from the involuntary, sensitive water sign Cancer, which could develop into a narrowly rocky Road paved by varying perspectives, opinions, and preferences.

Cancers not only see but feel all the shadows of enjoyment, unhappiness, and everything in between, while the dynamic, spotlight-loving Leo is always happy and sure, liking to see the bright sides of any situation.

However, both are trustworthy, heartfelt and in love with love, which can attend to as enduring energy for their bond.

So the zodiac signs Cancer and Leo compatibility is not a bad one but not a good one.

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Leo compatibility with Leo.

Leo is the fifth zodiac sign on the zodiac list and you believe it or not, one of Leo’s highly compatible signs is another Leo.

Two Leos, each interested in always facilitating and cherishing their loved ones with their unique and special brand of sparkly, sunny heat, can generate a wild and deeply romantic bond with each other.

This passionate couple likely communicates the same love language, behaving toward one another to elegant, idealistic getaways, gasp-worthy date nights, and packs of words of affirmation.

Things could get problematic if they’re both being valid to their fixed personality and dig their heels in during a controversy, or end up playing against each for the same spotlight.

So Leo and Leo compatibility is ideal and super for their long-lasting relationship.

Leo compatibility with libra
Leo compatibility with libra

Leo compatibility with Virgo.

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign of the zodiac, and the mutable earth sign is one sign apart from Leo.

And this might make for a bit of bumpiness because they have little different viewpoints and preferences.

While action-oriented Lion likes to creep, growl, and stalk down any matter-of-fact in a dynamic, take-charge way, Virgo is all about surveying and collecting the most relevant details before making a move.

That speed or swiftness and Virgo’s mutable delay can discourage a go-getter Lion. That’s why Virgo and Leo compatibility is problematic.

But if they can be open and clear about understanding one another’s unique strategies, these two can be incredibly supportive pairs.

Leo compatibility with Libra.

Libra is the seventh zodiac sign of the zodiac list, and the cardinal air sign is textile, or two signs apart from Leo.

That’s why they create or set up a candy, balanced, romantic, and harmonious bonding.

Both are head over heels for fantasy and seeing and being seen. Leo and Libra compatibility are romantic, idealistic, and creative which are almost tailored to Leo and Libra’s preferences: socializing, fashion, and passion.

But the negative side of this pair is might get demoralized by Libra’s temporizing airiness, while Libra could be aggravated by Leo’s business, but they’ll always have an explosion.

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Leo compatibility with Scorpio.

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign on the zodiac list and the fixed water sign, is square, or three signs apart from Leo.

And that makes for a fierce, dramatic, and maybe challenging pairing. This pair I mean Scorpio and Leo compatibility is problematic.

Both magnetic signs are wired to take charge and are intensely conscious of their internal strength, so this can result in disputing egos and willfulness.

And Scorp’s natural possessiveness could be a turnoff to self-reliant Leo. So Scorpio is incompatible with Leo.

However, both tend to see lovemaking as an empowering form of self-expression, so if nobody else, a passionate physical intimacy can make sparks fly.

Leo compatibility with Sagittarius.

Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign of the zodiac and the mutable fire sign is trine or four signs apart from Leo.

And that gap or distance or zodiac position makes for a relaxed, natural, forgiving, and symbiotic match.

Positive, joyful, and steered, both zodiac signs want to get out and make the most of the world around them.

They’ll find enlarging their horizons together feels very fulfilling and performs to strengthen their bond.

Still, this match of Leo and Sagittarius isn’t without its possible difficult spots. After all, Sagittarius and Leo compatibility is a good and ideal match.

The Sagittarius can be homiletic, while the Leo can be domineering, so discovering a way to channel that communicated but potentially clashing fieriness into lovemaking or more happening is key.

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Leo compatibility with Capricorn.

Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign of the zodiac list and the cardinal earth sign is quincunx, or five signs apart from Leo.

And their match or pairing is. making for an awkward, uncertain, and doubtful connection.

Capricorn and Leo are both interested in directing the indictment, but they both have just different motivations for it.

Both drives to be appreciated, respected, and recognized, but the conservative gap wants it for more sensible reasons, like a respectable portfolio, and the showy Lion craves cheering for their heart and soul.

In turn, their innate necessities and emphases might feel out, but there’s also a lot they can familiarize one another with. Capricorn and Leo compatibility is very poor.

Leo compatibility chat
Leo compatibility chat

Leo compatibility with Aquarius.

Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign zodiac, and the fixed air sign is the opposite, or six signs apart from Leo, setting up an ideal match.

Ruled by rebellious Uranus, airy Aquarius can be foreign, cold, developed, and platonic-minded, wired to prioritize logical thought over emotions, while Leo bleeds heat, tunes into their heart’s desires, and fantasies of cinematic-level fantasy.

The Leo also tends to be self-focused and would love to be noticed as a belief leader while the contrarian Water Bearer likes peculiarity, abhors harmony, and prioritizes neighborhood over self.

Still, each has what the other could use a bit more of, so as long as both partners give and take is on-point, their relationship could be as well and Aquarius and Leo compatibility is amazing.

Leo compatibility with Pisces.

Pisces is the twelfth zodiac sign of the zodiac and the mutable water sign is quincunx, or five signs apart from Leo.

And the position of these two zodiac signs indicates a need for continuous adjustment to get in sync.

Ruled by dreamy Neptune, the Pisces is deeply spiritual, sympathetic, creative, and passionate, all of which can feel sometimes motivating or like a wet blanket to similarly genuine and ingenious but exceptionally navigated and action-oriented Leo.

What the two have in common is their energetic visions and romanticism, so they could easily get caught up in seeing an impaired bond through the same pair of rose-colored glasses.

So the Pisces and Leo compatibility is incompatible and their relationship is very hard for them to live.

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Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

Whether you’re feeling self-assured or terrified right now, don’t shirk that no matter how compatible or not you appear to be with Leo, sun sign compatibility is far from the entire picture.

You can get the most accurate concept of how you are compatible with a partner by looking at your entire natal chart.

And if you’re ever enticed to hit Leos as a high-handed narcissist, check out your own birth chart, which is divided up into 12 houses, each ruled by one of the 12 signs.

Everyone, even you have some egomaniacal Leo power in them, and understanding where it communicates itself is the first step to using it to your advantage.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

What is the soulmate for a Leo?

The most compatible signs of Leo’s love and relationship are fire signs i.e. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.
These 3 signs are the sun signs and Leo is also a sun sign. So their matches is an ideal.

Who is Leo not compatible with?

The sun-ruled zodiac sign Leo is not compatible with these 4 zodiac signs i.e. Capricorn, Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus.

What signs do Leo’s attract?

Leo zodiac signs attract Scorpio and Aquarius. These two signs know that Leo is loyal and they have the fire to do everything for their love and partner.

What signs should a Leo marry?

The most compatible signs of Leo’s love and relationship are fire signs i.e. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.