What is the best iPhone color, according to your zodiac? (12 zodiac signs)

What is the best iPhone color you should buy, according to your zodiac?

For some purpose, purchasing an iPhone whose color feels like locking down a non-negotiable future.

Even though you know that one day you are going to buy a new iPhone, and every time you select one, you feel like you’re selecting something for life.

It feels so accepted and so absolute, and here you start to think about your iPhone color as an attachment to your personality.

You find yourself asking some tricky questions like what iPhone color is right for me or which iPhone color is matching with my personality and so many questions.

So instead of creasing and thinking over it, choose an iPhone color based on your zodiac sign for your better future.

And yes, without even understanding all these things, you maybe end up picking the color your zodiac sign is most likely to pick anyway.

Because each sign is surely likely to pick a particular color. So don’t worry about it, just look at your zodiac sign and the lucky color of every sign.

Get that assurance and go with your zodiac sign, there’s no reason to drift over your shopping cart with uncertainty, while the rest of the world is celebrating their glossy new iPhone.

And besides, everyone knows that the iPhone color doesn’t really matter unless you get a precise cover, you’ll just be the one person who sees the phone naked.

Your iPhone cover is just a little personal that only you know. So don’t choose an iPhone color to order for anyone but yourself.

Best iPhone color for all zodiac signs.

Here we detailed lucky colors according to Rashi (zodiac sign).


Aries lucky iPhone color: Rose Gold, Red, and Gold.

Unlucky colors for Aries: Blue, Green, and Black.

Aries best iPhone colour
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Aries best iPhone color.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, so being a fire sign and it is considered to be fiery and movable.

That’s why astrologers suggested that they use fire-related colors like red, yellow, or gold colors for their good fortune.

And mostly these zodiac people love to be courageous, glorious, and different from others.

So listen to think about craving for the rose gold or red color iPhone and they want it because it’s different and looks more like a plaything than a phone.


Taurus lucky iPhone color: Silver, Green, and White.

Unlucky colors for Taurus: Yellow and Red.

Taurus best iPhone colour
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Taurus best iPhone color.

These Taurus people love to attach to what’s reliable and real, and their favorite model of anything is the original.

They are just connected to the things that feel real in a valid way. So green color is a bright and basic color that makes them feel stable and positive.

This zodiac sign is ruled by Venus and it is the earth element so they need to use basic and genuine things for their personal use.

That’s why the recommended color they should get is a silver iPhone because this color is considered the standard color.


Gemini lucky iPhone color: Midnight-Black, Pink, and White.

Gemini unlucky iPhone color: Black.

Gemini best iPhone colour
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Gemini best iPhone color.

The surprising thing is if anyone is well fit for a jet-black color iPhone, it’s only Gemini.

This zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, so it is very glowing and bright to choose a white, and pink color iPhone.

These peoples have exceptionally dynamic personalities and the combination of midnight black with a mirror-like finish is just perfectly dynamic for them.

They will love the extreme look of their phone and never get bored with its classy appearance.


Cancer Lucky iPhone colors: White, Silver, Space Grey, and Gold.

Cancer’s unlucky iPhone color: Too dark and too light.

Cancer best iPhone colour
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Cancer’s Best iPhone Color.

This zodiac sign is ruled by the moon, which is very cool and its color is very smooth and nurturing.

Cancer zodiac people are sensitive and willing to keep the Claire of their personality in.

So go for the basic black, white, and silver color iPhone it’s sensible, as it will fit everything, and it doesn’t call too much awareness to yourself, just as you’d prefer.


Leo’s lucky iPhone Colors: Yellow, Purple, and Gold.

Unlucky iPhone color: Grey.

Leo best iPhone colour
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Leo’s best iPhone color.

All that glows is gold for Leo and this zodiac sign boy is more like the gold color?

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which is bright, hot, and luminous, so the optimal color for this zodiac sign is yellow, orange, purple, and gold.

Obviously, these people are going to buy the gold phone because of its bold look and brightness.

They’ll possibly also want to buy a gold color cover and instantly download the Kira Kira sparkle app.

It’s just their zodiac sign effect and the native personality. So know more about who you are, and celebrate your sparkle.


Virgo lucky iPhone colors: Blue, Green, and Black.

Unlucky color for Virgo: Red.

Virgo's best iPhone colour
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Virgo’s best iPhone color.

The black and blue color iPhone gives a prestigious and professional-looking, and anything but showy.

Virgo peoples like to be taken everything deeply and seriously, so a color that looks so funny and a bright phone color is possibly going to bring them more annoyance than happiness.

So these people like to stick with black, and blue and if your zodiac sign is Virgo then you know you want to.


Libra lucky iPhone color: White, Light Blue, and Silver.

Unlucky iPhone color: Red.

Libra best iPhone colour
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Libra best iPhone color.

Libra zodiac people always need to feel harmonious and balanced both on the personal and professional front.

So these people are fascinated by glossy, bright, and glossy but insistent upon professionalism.

So they easily go for the white, silver, or light blue color iPhone, it’s got a bit of glitter but is also the flagship color so it emits class as well.

These colors are also Libra’s favorite colors so, no doubt these people choose these light color iPhones.


Scorpio lucky iPhone color: Red, Orange, and White.

Unlucky iPhone color: Blue and Green.

Scorpio best iPhone colour
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Scorpio’s best iPhone color.

No doubt, Scorpio zodiac people are most attracted to the light color phone because their first choice is always going for lightweight things or colors.

These red and white colors are serious, elegant and sophisticated, and also very mature looking.

In addition, Scorpios love anything that looks elegant and intense, and these colors are always the best option for them.


Lucky colors for Sagittarius: Yellow, Orange, and Rose Gold.

Unlucky iPhone color: Blue.

Sagittarius best iPhone colour
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Sagittarius’ best iPhone color.

These zodiac people are voluntary, spirited, bold, and courageous and they love everything that makes them feel self-reliant and entertained.

So their first choice is always to go for yellow, orange, and rose gold, it’s the most alluring color to them.

If your zodiac sign is Sagittarius then you don’t deny yourself that pinkish sparkle. It’s all about your zodiac lord Jupiter’s influences.


Capricorn’s best colors for iPhone: Black, Purple, and Golden.

Unlucky iPhone Color: Yellow and Red.

Capricorn best iPhone colour
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Capricorn’s Best iPhone Color.

Capricorn people mostly like to go for gold or black, because they’re incredibly steered and possibly have a big soft spot for the color that awards are made of.

Capricorns are also not that curious about the viewpoints of others, so they might not want any suggestions from outsiders and may not read this article before buying an iPhone.

After all, black color is Capricorn’s best color. These people are definitely attracted to this color.

If you read this then you just notice that they definitely buying a gold or black color iPhone. And I am sure about it.


Aquarius lucky iPhone color: Light Blue, White, and Rose Gold.

Unlucky iPhone color: Green, Dark blue.

Aquarius best iPhone colour
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Aquarius’s best iPhone color.

The rose gold or white color phone fascinates these zodiac peoples because this zodiac sign is ruled by Uranus and Saturn.

So these two colors remind them of their childhood, prompt them of current trends, and make a significant phone look like a lot of entertainment.

For this reason, they’ll prefer these two colors mostly and they feel satisfied every time when picking up their iPhone.


Pisces lucky Colors for iPhone: Space Gray, Yellow, and Orange.

Unlucky iPhone color: Black.

Pisces best iPhone colour
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Pisces’ best iPhone color.

These people highly prefer space grey more than any other color for their iPhone because it’s just more polished than black and that interests them.

These zodiac people like things to be simple and formal, but anything too bright just doesn’t feel right.

And the slightly faded look of this color is just perfect for their liking After all this space grey color is looking more sophisticated than black.

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Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

Zodiac lucky colors for iPhone are listed here for your good fortune. So before buying an iPhone you must know your lucky iPhone’s color.

You need to remember your lucky color as per your zodiac sign and feel satisfied with your iPhone.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which color is good for Aries?

The red color is good for Aries because Mars is the ruling planet of Aries and Aries is a fire sign. That’s why Red is the lucky color and it brings good luck to Aries zodiac people.

What is Aquarius’s lucky color?

Light blue and purple are the two lucky colors for the Aquarius zodiac sign because this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn.

What is Virgo’s unlucky color?

The red color is the unlucky color for Virgo zodiac people. Because Red is an intrinsically aggressive color so it is unfavorable for Virgo natives.

What are the zodiac lucky colors?

Here we listed all zodiac signs’ lucky colors.
Aries- Red, White, and Yellow.
Taurus- Green, White, and Pink.
Gemini- Yellow, Green, Pink, and White.
Cancer- White, Silver, Red, and Gold.
Leo- Gold, Purple, Orange, and Yellow.
Virgo- Green, Brown, Yellow, and Blue.
Libra- Light Blue, Orange, White, and Pink.
Scorpio- Black, Red, Orange, and White.
Sagittarius- Yellow and Orange.
Capricorn- Black, and Purple.
Aquarius- White, Light Blue, and Purple.
Pisces- Yellow, Orange, and Pink.

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