What is Incestual or Incrstual marriage? (10+ Synonyms)

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What is Incrstual?

  • Incrstual” is not a word. You can’t spell it. and if you mean “Incestual” it means physical relations between close blood relatives, especially between brothers and sisters, fathers and daughters, or mothers and sons that they are forbidden by law or religion to marry.
  • The crime of physical relations, or marriage between that particular person. The “Prohibited Degrees” vary in extent in different legal systems. There is a strong social taboo against incest now thought to be based on social and psychological, rather than genetic, factors.


Incrstual is not the right spelling. It’s come from another word.

What is Incrust?

  • The less common spelling of “Incrust” is “Encrust“. It’s a verb.
  • In transitive verb, it means to cover, line, or overlay with or as if with a crust.
  • An intransitive verb,incrust means to form a crust.

Synonyms of Incrust:-

  • Coat
  • Cover
  • Encrust
  • Face
  • Fill
  • Glaze
  • Rub
  • Stain
  • Stuff
  • Varnish

Antonyms of Incrust:-

  • Dull
  • Reveal
  • Strip
  • Uncover
  • Unline

Synonyms of Incrustation:

  • Coating
  • Covering
  • Crust
  • Encrustation
  • Film
  • Layer
  • Scab
  • Scale
  • Shell
  • Skin

Antonyms of Incrustation:-

  • Center
  • Core
  • Inside
  • Interior
  • Middle

Synonyms of Incrusted:-

  • Crusted
  • Crusty

Antonyms of Incrusted:-

  • Reveal
  • Strip
  • Uncover

Definition of Incest:-

  • Physical relations between persons who are so closely related that their marriage is illegal or forbidden by custom.
  • The crime of physical relations with a person is defined by statute as too closely related.
  • For example, There were rumors that the father and daughter had had an incestuous relationship.

Synonyms of Incest:-

  • Electrical love,
  • Inbreeding,
  • Incestuousness,
  • Interbreeding,
  • Oedipal love.

Synonyms of Incestuous:-

  • Abusive,
  • Carnal,
  • Depraved,
  • Interpret,
  • Lewd.

Synonyms of Incestuousness:-

  • Incest.

What is Incestual marriage or Incrstual Marriage?

Incestuous marriage is contracted between individuals related to a forbidden degree, especially as fathers and mothers with their children or grandchildren, no matter what the degree, brother, sister, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces, and cousins up to and containing the fourth degree.

It pertains equally to the individuals between whom there is a spiritual or ethical coalition, such as a godfather and goddaughter, a godmother and godson, a godfather and the mother of the kid whom he has held over the baptismal font, a godmother and the father of the child.

For the nations that practice marriage there are laws and regulations about whom one can marry and cannot marry. All communities have some kind of incest taboo that prohibits phsical relationships with specific people. This is uncertain from civilization to civilization. Various descriptions have been preferred to explain the ancestries of incest taboos.

One illustrates biological reason is non-human primates appear to have an instinctual revulsion to having intimate with close families, so maybe the same comes to pass for humans. The second biological reason is that the incest taboo was organized to conserve biological diversity. This recommends that people understood the significance of breeding with families.

The additional concept refers to that closeness breeds resentment, while also another recommends that incest taboos were formulated to confirm that alliances were made outside of the family. Whatever the issue may be, there have been culturally authorized crimes of the incest taboo usually in supreme families.

Sometimes within the practices established above, other laws that single out a particular family as an excellent marriage spouse are attached.

Cross-cousin marriage binds cousins correlated by parents of different gender (brother/sister) while parallel-cousin marriage joins the children of siblings of the same gender. The advantages of these categories of marriage are that it supports retaining the family origin.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife:

Incrstual is not accepted by law. In some countries, it’s a crime and it goes against their culture and tradition.

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