15 reasons why having a child is a blessing.

Having a child is a blessing for us. After marriage, every couple plans for a child. But it varies in every couple’s case. In some cases, babies are their dreams for them.

It’s a blessing and not every person is so blessed to have a child. If you are blessed by God then hold that blessing tightly. I hope most of us understand why the child is a blessing. And some are still looking for the exact answer to this question.

So, we simply described here the exact meaning and reasons for your question. Having a baby is a blessing from God for those who believe in God. Spiritual life and belief in God are the top levels of matter.

By the way, you stay in the perfect place where you find your answer. Yes, it is so lengthy but it describes every point from top to bottom. So, let’s start…

Why having a child is a blessing?

Hello parents, Here I described some common points ofwhy having a child is a blessing? Because our society doesn’t consider children as a blessing and that is heavy in our society.

They don’t know that having a child is a blessing and that children are a form of God. God gives a child to take our family one step future and our duty is to accept his shelter.

In the past, some parents are thinking that the son is a blessing and the daughter is a burden on the family. All these things are the reflection of narrow minds.

Now the daughters are equal to the sons. They do what a man can’t. If we give the same education, and encouragement, that we give our sons then they are not a burden to your family. Luckily, a girl baby is born and not everyone is lucky. They never know that a baby is a blessing.

A child is a blessing.

Now it’s time to change our mentality and try to accept the real things that having a baby is a blessing for us and having a family is a blessing for a child. Both are interrelated to each other. If necessary read it twice but understand the real meaning.

But the time is changing and everyone is busy in their working life. Now, most people think that it’s difficult to bring up a kid because they live a hectic lifestyle. And some people have no time for nurturing babies and some have no money for taking proper care of their children.

It’s now important to change our society and their mentality of them because nowadays most couples are detected in the situation of whether to have children or not to have them. They have a sense that kids are no longer deemed to be economic support but have turned on to become a financial burden.

There appears to be an antecedent mindset that children can be troublesome, burden, inconvenient, annoyance, violent, extravagant, expendable and also a risk in today’s overpopulated society. People don’t understand that a wedding has so many blessings, and giving birth to a child is also unrivalled.

child is a blessing
Kids blessing

Now we describe some reasons why having a child is a blessing? and what are the benefits of having kids? Let’s start… And am sure these below points give you amazing feelings and make you feel proud that you are a parent and showering a kid with blessing.

They remind us of our childhood.

Coming to be a parent is a life-changing experience and they tend to feel new emotions and new sensations. It’s awesome timing when you go to your childhood and you also do the childish things. You have the full of freedom to play with your child, make some funny poses, watch cartoon channels, play with toys and so on.

At this moment you recall your past and you think that you do all these things when you are a child. The lovely moment is when you feed your baby and say her/him to open your mouth and at the same time, you open your mouth also.

They feel us that happiness hides in pain.

A child always gives her parent happiness. When a mother looks at her baby’s face they forgot the pain. At the time of pregnancy and delivery, she faces so many difficulties but they feel happy because of their baby. And that period they feel real happiness despite the pain.

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Children are blessing

Parents love always pure for their child. A father works for his family or himself but when he works for his child they never want to rest because his love and care are true for his babe. Problems are coming and going in life but they face all these things without complaint. In their life, new support is available for survival.

We learn the taste of selflessness.

Surviving as a parent can be a daunting task as it is a job. As the duration goes by, most parents will verge to understand that you are compelled to put the necessities of your kid first before yours. Because they are the responsibility of.

The babies are somehow teaching us the taste of selflessness. As a parent our love is pure and we never feel selfish for them. Naturally, we think about our baby before anything else. If we want to neglect them we never do that. It’s a feeling and emotion which interlinked.

They teach us what our parents do for us.

The life of a parent is very hard. Every day new challenges and face all these challenges with new hope and prayer. A daughter or a son never understands the value of the role of a mother and father. But when they become a parent they realize the value of that position. What they do for giving a better life for their child.

Understanding is the best thing in life. A child teaches us to forgive because they don’t know what is right and what is wrong. They always do something but sometimes they make mistakes and stand innocently in front of you. You look at them and forgive because we know that children are the blessings of the lord and we increase our patience and forgiveness.

They make us happier than we live.

Real happiness comes from our hearts and children are the heart of the parents. They can bring a different attitude to your life as it is an authentic fact that when you heap love and affection on a person you start to love them more.

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Makes us happier

Giving birth to children can invent parents to be more satisfied and glad than a childless couple. It means parents understand and feel more love in their life and it provides them with a solid reason to live.

They give the positive side of life.

When you feel really difficult, try to recall the crazy things and how cute they are. All we know is that if we have no positive side then every day is difficult to survive. A baby is a positive perspective to live a long life. Every day we think that “my baby stays healthy and happy.” They never face problems in their life. We try to give them everything that they wish.

Our priority always goes to our children and when we do some other work but we never give our 100 per cent because our sense of mind is on the child. We always think that they are safe or not, everything is fine or not. The child is the true meaning of life.

They make us laugh more.

Obviously, a family is colourful when there is a child because they are the reason for joy. Crazy things or movements of kids can make parents smile more and children always doing things that can be funny and crazy. They formulate an environment that makes parents celebrate some incredible moments.

If you feel sad and furious then the kid has power and is the only reason who makes you laugh. Their innocent faces and incredible smile automatically makes you smile.

We boost our health and fitness.

After bringing into the world, children can improve their physical fitness and the mental health well of their parents. Parents are reliable to take care of themselves health-wise as they become conscious that they are subject to take care of another individual.

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Boost our health and fitness

When you are playing with your children in the garden it can work as a great stress reliever because when you actively played with them your body works continuously and mentally happiness provides you with the energy to play more and never feel tired.

They keep us sensible and practical.

Before a baby, we live in a dream world and sometimes we think practically. However, we have a child we are changed, and our emotions and feelings also changed. We are getting practical and thinking about what exactly happens and what is the necessities of our child. Slowly we think practically and we are changing ourselves.

Sometimes our emotions overflow. We are making more attachments with our children. When the kid gets sick we are depressed and we feel like we are sick. The little pain of our child gives heartache.

They reinforce our obedience to God.

When we advise our kids regularly about the meaning of obedience and the importance of. we are also regularly reminded that heeding God eventually gives rise to life easier and sends us special blessings and all delicious rewards come from God.

There is a proper dignity connected with attending to our precious children growing up into honest, responsible, believable, renovated grown-ups.

They make us think about the long term.

The interest you make today will, in all probability, pay back down the road. We don’t have the assurances, but to see kids as a blessing improves the way we acknowledge them. That, in turn, creates something in their hearts that is priceless. God gives us for a reason and they undoubtedly plan for them.

But as our offspring, we do our duty and we think about their future and their long life. We give our best to their bright future. Try to teach the good and best things to them. The child’s age is the best time to capture everything and we teach them what is helpful for her or him.

Kids are special and unique.

Honestly, kids are special. They are the Treasury. We love them unconditionally. They are unique because God gives every person different talents. So each person is unique. But kids are special and they do what makes them happy. They do not know but they identify their mom and dad. When they cry they want their mom. God gives more sensation power to a baby.

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Kids are special and unique

What is the inner talent they show up in their childhood and they always crave to do those things? Their everyday activities give us pleasure and make us happy. And we realize the exact meaning of why having a child is a blessing?

They refresh our knowledge.

Refreshing our knowledge is the best thing in life and it’s almost impossible for everyone because every woman is not a working woman outside of their home. I mean doing a job is not possible for every housewife. So a baby makes possible impossible things.

Children are always willing to know everything so they constantly asking questions and sometimes their questions make you a headache. And the interesting thing is they want every time different answers to the same question. When they grow up they brush up on their parent’s knowledge.

They give us the greatest rewards.

Parenthood is an awesome feeling and it provides unrivalled prizes as you are the one creating your kid’s life. A significant fraction or role of parenting is growing the child, which makes you feel proud and live your life with respectability. You always expect your child to dwell morally such as treat others respectfully.

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Gives us the greatest rewards

As a kid observing the decent principles and behaviour and values that you have educated her/him can be awarded to the parents. This is the greatest reward for the parent.

They increase our confidence and responsibilities.

When you become a parent, you must comprehend that you have evolved into an essential part of someone’s life and you need to keep from a few things that once appeared necessary for you. This can develop a positive impact on your kids as it can encroach on the way you feel about yourself and your achievements as a parent.

Children can increase their parent’s confidence and beliefs when they shower you with love and respect and say that you are the best parent in the world. This kind of statement has a heartfelt and extreme effect on your responsibilities and confidence.

Bottom line from Progrowinlife.

A child is a blessing from God and it’s the truth. Every living animal and human beings are accept the concept. And also everyone is not lucky to have a child. Nowadays this problem is increasing day by day. Still, most people suffer the pain of not having a child. A child gives us the way to live our lives and they are the substitute for god.

Baby girl or baby boy, both are the angles for us. So, never compare your child to others. Every child has their own quality and personality. So, let them live without stress and worry.

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