wife is the neck of the family. Is this right?

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The wife is the neck of the family. Is this right?

Are you think so? My opinion is the wife is not the neck of the family. She is the whole body. If you imagine a beautiful family without a wife.

This is impossible. She is the foundation of an amazing home. Am not saying that the husband has no role to built a happy family. Husband and wife are equal.

Both play an important role in the family. But their position is different and they do their job honestly. They deal with their relationship with love and respect and these are increasing continuously.

Marriage makes one soul and two bodies. After marriage both husband and wife are one then they are the whole body for each other.

When it’s necessary both will play their spouse’s duty. In a family, the husband is always not superior sometimes, but the wife is also excellent. Both are encouraged by one another.

“Love is Composed of a Single Soul Inhabiting Two Bodies.”


The wife is the neck of the family.

Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies- Aristotle. That means once you fall in love with your body, your mind, and your soul doesn’t belong to you anymore, you become a slave to your soulmate.

The Bible says that the man who loves his wife loves himself. That means a man always loves his wife like his own body.

The husband loves his soulmate like Christ loved the Church. For no one ever hated his own body but nourishes and cherishes it.

In the case of making a home from a house, there is unconditional love is needed. Every member gives their efforts on their turn.

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God wishes that both husband and wife treat their spouse with love and respect. When it’s come to submission both husband and wife have different needs for love and respect.

Husband wants to feel respected by their wife and wife wish to feel loved by their husband.

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Husband and wife are the two sides of a gold coin. One can’t live without another. Their bonding is incredible. Both are made for each other. Without one another is nothing.

They are supportive and encourage one another. If there is a problem both are worried about that and hold each other’s hand and go forward with lots of courage and effort to solve the problem.

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The husband always includes his wife in important decisions and considers her perspectives carefully and respectfully. If she is right and their opinions stand perfectly then you accept that without any hesitation.
This is not mean that wife is the neck of the family, she is the family. She is the whole world for his soulmate. Both live together and manage their household affairs together. For more tips about married life read This invaluable advice for you.
“A Great Marriage is not when the ‘Perfect Couple ‘ Comes Together. It is when an ‘Imperfect Couple’ learns to enjoy their differences.”
-Dave Meurer

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