Are you feel working women’s life is easy? These 5 difficulties they deal with largely.

Are you feel working women’s life is easy? These 5 difficulties they deal with largely.

Are you think a working women’s life is easy? If you think so, you are wrong. These women’s life is the hardest. I feel they are superwomen. They have no time for themselves. They forgot what is holidays. The most astonishing thing is when a man completes a work successfully then people congrats him when the same work completed by a woman then people say ” it is not hard work, it’s easy, anyone does that.”

I want to know why people say that! Oops, I forgot this is our society where people judge based upon gender. I congrats these narrow-minded people who live in the 21st century and think that women being in outside work is desirable and legitimate.

“It Is Hard To Be A Woman. You Must Think Like A Man, Act Like A Lady, Look Like A Young Girl, And Work Like A Horse.”

The woman gets moulded easily in several phases starting from being a daughter, sister, wife, mother and list goes on. They play different roles in their life. She is a multi-tasker. She never works for herself, they work for her child, her husband, her family and her family associates.

When a woman feels that her work is necessary for their family then there is no boundary (like education, eligibility, strength) to block her. You all notice that in our society the level of uneducated working women is higher than educated and they work like a man.

A working woman faced these most 5 common difficulties in their life.

Balancing Professional and Personal life.

A working woman always aware of balancing their professional and personal life. If a woman spends more time in the office then it affects her personal life. She makes a routine and fixes time for her daily basis. She can’t bring office work to the home but a man does their office work in the home and it accepted. why? Is this Justice? When it comes to the weekend she works her home and receiving office calls.

When she is in the office she attended their family calls. Naturally, every human being has a dream. When it comes to a woman she has also a dream and she always looks forward to achieving it. The journey of a woman takes a hefty turn when she put her steps into the world of marriage be it arranged or love marriage. After this big turn, the woman goes through vast emotional turmoil. Then the balance becomes more challenging for her in comparison with a man.

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Working women’s life goes without leisure.

Everyone looks at her life but never noticed how she juggling all-time between tasks and responsibilities. She wakes up earlier in the morning and goes to bed late at night. She always takes care of the commitments to her husband at the time of marriage and also takes responsibilities to manage group meetings, employees, boss and office files. At the time of lunch break in the office, she calls her parents or in-laws.

When she works at home for their families she takes urgent office calls. I think their life is like a sandwich between the office and home. These responsibilities, liabilities makes her forget leisure. The year’s pass away but they never found a moment to sit relaxed and looks at the sky without stress.

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Tiredness and Fatigue.

No one understands the fatigue and tiredness of a working woman inside her home or outside the home. Continues struggle between homework and office work makes her chronically tired. In between these responsibilities she never creates a time for herself and this lack of rest and care make a woman highly vulnerable to be physically as well as mentally exhausted. In this stressed life, her mental health is at risk and she finishes off having a grumpy mood every time.

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Intense Guilt.

In our society, if something goes wrong then a woman is responsible for that because a man is always right and a woman is wrong. In the case of a working woman, she always busies to supervise, accommodate and rectify her work and most of the woman suffers from intense guilt. Most of the working woman is forgot that In this world no one is perfect. So why you get stressed? Why do you think that you play both duties perfectly?

If you want to be a traditional perfect mother then you let go of your dreams of growing higher in the office. Don’t feel guilt it influences your mental health as well as physical health. Are you feel that you choose your career and being ambitious is wrong? This is not wrong it’s your dream and you achieve it.

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Working women’s face Harassment.

This is the most and important fact that working woman face in their daily life. Are you think if it is important then why am I write it below? Because the hardest things always put in below. You all are intelligent and thoughtful and you well know about women harassment. What is harassment? How it affects a working woman?

Its unwelcome verbal or physical behaviour that is based on religion, colour, gender, age, nationality and so on. These things affect the mental health of a woman. Workplace harassment is a form of discrimination.

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“A Woman Is Like A Tea Bag- You Never Know How Strong She Is Until She Gets In Hot Water.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt

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