What kills long distance relationship?

The top 10 things that could end your long-distance love, affection and the bonding of emotions.

Unsettled issues can turn to resentment, and nothing is going to change if you don’t communicate or discuss them.

Communication is the best way you can make your partner feel that they are still a significant part of your life

Lack of trust in your long distance relationship.

Lack of trust in your relationship or the habit of conducting curiosity all the time can be the main reason behind the break up of any relationship.

Cheating for fun in your long distance relationship. 

Cheating is cheating, no matter what type of cheating and it is able of killing your relationship, for that matter.

Don't say lie in your long distance relationship.

This comes to pass when we prefer a different version of the fact to be understood. There’s no such thing as a white lie.