When a girl loves you her love is reflected in her behaviour, her conversation, and her expression.

She will want to get rid of all your bad habits.

When a girl really loves you she never tolerates your bad habits because she wants you always happy and stays safe.

She is trying to look better to impress you.

you noticed that she has made herself more beautiful than before and change her hairstyle and dressing style. She doing these changes to attract you more closer to her.

She will be connecting with you on social media.

When a girl falls in love with you, she will want to be with you in any way.

She will ask more questions when she talks to you.

When she asks more questions that don’t mean that she doubts you, it means that she wants to know more about you.

She would be jealous if she saw you with another girl.

Because she wants that you only spend your time with her and you share your feelings only with her.

She has taken care of your little things.

When she remembers your every little detail then you confirm that she is in love with you.