Are you want some sure shot signs he secretly loves you.

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Team Presents

Marvin Mckinney

He asks you many questions.

when a guy loves you, he definitly  wants to know more about you. So, he asks many questions.

Willingness to help you.

When a guy loves you secretly then he always carries a willing heart for you to help you at any time.

He wants to spend time with you alone.

Spending time with a group of friends is exciting but spending alone time is romantic, so he wants to spend alone time with you.

Without any reason, he touches you.

When a guy loves you, he touches you without any reason means gives you welcome hugs, kisses or holding your hands for showing his love.

Always he responds first.

When a person responds first to whatever you do or say and helps you to make your work easy and he gives you company

He introduced you to his inner circle.

When the guy lets you be introduced to his inner circle or invites you to his family function then you sure that he secretly loves you.

He is calling or texting you without reason.

From his busy schedule, he creates times for you to call or text you then you ensure that he loves you secretly.

He celebrates your special days.

When the man remembers your birthday and other special days  and the first wishes are comes from him then you must sure that he loves you.