Affair Recovery

Top 5 Steps to follow for Recovery.

Working through an affair is difficult. It takes enormous energy, willingness and openness on both sides.


When you first “discover” the affair.

The first thing is how you discovered the affair of your partner makes a difference to how you respond.


The emotional response to the change in the individual’s world.

You or your partner’s ability to communicate emotions or access to professional help/ professional assistance.


Willing to move forward from current position.

You or your partner’s personality type- narcissists or a histrionic personality type, will use this opportunity to “make the spouse pay” for the infidelity.


Open to reconnecting as a “we”.

The couple realize and understand each other’s emotional and physical wants.


Working on the new reality.

Affair Recovery takes lengthier for this couple, however, the relationship can be recouped and the couple feels closer than ever before.